Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching Up

Looks like it has taken me almost an entire week to post all of the Memorial Day memories that we will have from this year. This is part 3 of a 3 part series. On Sunday of last week we packed up and headed to the lake for a short visit. Anna Jane packed her own bag. She included all of the essentials, but also made sure to have about 5 pairs of winter pajamas. A smarter choice would have been rainboots, because the storms were quite torrential. It didn't drown out the fun, though.

We headed straight outside when we got there. Not warm enough for swimming, but perfect for a paddle boat ride and a few plastic fishing rods. Barbie and Batman fishing rods, of course.

md 137

md 140

md 155

md 130

md 124

We happened to watch How to Eat Fried Worms the night before. Don't worry, she didn't go through with it.
md 127

Wilson giggled too much to look convincing.
md 133

As it turns out, the worms must have been quite tasty. At least the fishies liked them.
md 188

Anna Jane insisted that she kept catching the same fish, over and over. They were all the same color. Wilson felt that the activity had become a bit redundant. Or gross.
md 186

Henry thought it over and agreed with Wilson. Yes. What a silly activity.
md 163

A make-believe boat ride was more his style.
md 129

Sunday night kicked off with (what else?) dinner. Papa grilled out and Elizabeth, Kent, and Will joined us.
If Will had paid any attention to the previous post, he would have known not to mess with Anna Jane when she is focused on her dessert.

md 178

Tuckered out...

md 169

But ready to go again on Monday! Finally a day to swim!! In no way does this mean that it was any warmer or less overcast than the previous day. But Anna Jane got a new swim suit. I guess this is more of a "bathing" suit. Not sure this would hold up to any serious swimming. And up until this week, she has always had ONE piece, ruffly suits bought in the baby's section at the local children's boutique (we call it Target). But she has been asking for a suit "that shows her tummy." Since this one still had ruffles and a substantial amount of fabric, I surprised her with one.
md 211

She was very pleased. Wilson, on the other hand, didn't not have any specifications regarding his swim attire. As evidenced below...
md 206

Long live the Underoo!

Daddy and Henry didn't buy into any of this swimming nonsense, so they relaxed on the boat.
md 196

And Nana relaxed on the porch on the beautiful green swing, underneath the Bocock sign.
md 147

And the ducks kids swam.
md 202

md 199

md 207

md 205

We drove home in the rain...VERY TIRED and full of memories, family, and
Until the next trip...
md 217

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