Monday, May 18, 2009

Mommy's favorite meal

Anna Jane and Wilson would like to introduce you to their new big brother. According to Anna Jane, "His name is Alex. Or Batman. Actually, we usually call him Batman."

Our big brother, batman

I love to cook. I have always leaned towards the "difficult for anyone to make, so aren't I a good cook since I can make it" recipes. Since having kids however, I like the short cut recipes. The recipes that people ask for at covered dish parties, and you hate to tell them that food that tastes so good can easily be assembled.

At times, I have been known to declare myself a genius in the kitchen. Dave hates when I say this, regardless of whether or not it's true (it is).

The following recipe is not one that can be attributed to my undoubted culinary skills. But it is a very easy, very delicious activity that is fun for the kids. It's PIZZA. I vividly remember making pizza as a kid. The slimy, grey mushrooms bought in a can were my favorite topping. Then, as a young adult I (of course) made my pizza dough from scratch. Even when we had other families over for dinner, I would make a big batch of homemade dough and impress our guests with my nonchalance over how easy and delicious our make-your-own pizzas turned out.

Then I met Martha. Not Martha Stewart (who taught me how to make pizza dough from scratch). Martha White. We met at the local Harris Teeter. I found her on the bottom shelf of the tomato sauce isle. She cost me 78cents.

98 cent gem

Since we met a few years ago, her shelf price has gone up about 20cents, and her value has gone through the roof. Daddy was out with friends the other night, and the kids and I made pizza. Here are some pics...

Just add hot water, let sit for 5 minutes, and the dough is ready for smooshing. I make one packet for Anna Jane and Wilson to share. I split it between them and let them each make their own pizza, in whatever shape they want.

Smooshing pizza dough
pizza 004
Sometimes the shape of Wilson's isn't much different than what it was when I put it on the cutting board.
pizza 003

Wilson advises against tasting at this point.
Raw pizza dough...yuck

The kids like tomato sauce, I do not.
Slip of the Hand

Favorite toppings include mini pepperoni (a new ingredient I found this week), black mushrooms, rotisserie chicken, lots of cheese...
Add your favorite toppings

Spiderman and pizza

Pizza fit for a princess.
Pizza for the princess

In the meantime, Henry is busy...

organizing the kitchen utensils,
Mr Organization

scooping up unruly salad forks,
Stirring the soup

eating whoopie pies,
Whoopie face

and hiding from the paparazzi.
Hiding from the papparazi

No More Photos!!
Hey, no photos!

In case you would like to know what my pizza looked like...
Mommy's favorite meal

Martha White is a genius in the kitchen.


  1. We are so gonna have to try this. Houston is starting to take an interest in what's going on in the kitchen. Thanks for the tip Martha (er..Kat)!

  2. This is great! It's funny, just the other day I was feeling nostalgic about the pizza of my childhood...chef boyardee. In fact, I developed a craving for it! So, I bought at box at the store. I haven't made it yet, but maybe I will this weekend. I can hardly wait.