Thursday, May 28, 2009

OL Man

My Uncle Jim is 70.
md 103

Or OL.
md 103
As in ol' man.

There is nothing like a milestone birthday and a holiday to bring out the FOOD!!! I mean, FAMILY!!! We gathered in Jamestown for a birthday celebration with lots of my dad's family. Even the ones that weren't there were talked about enough that we feel like they were there. We had North Carolina represented in a big way, but also had Michigan and Texas to celebrate with.

This is definitely a prized photo. There were 4 generations represented at the party, including the stinkers in this pic. We missed my nephew Matthew in this generation pic, so we hope he's at the next get-together.
md 094

Here is the birthday boy, shocked when someone told him how old he actually is!
md 105

Boys will be boys
md 113

will be boys
md 085

will be boys
md 080

And one sweet girl
md 079

And a sweet husband, too
md 083

There was a lot of food, of course. Papa couldn't get enough. When the desserts were brought out, he exclaimed "My four favorite things!!!" But please know that banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler, and pecan pie are not more important to him than his precious family. Well, maybe the banana pudding is.
md 101

Anna Jane accidentally brushed her ENTIRE ARM across the top of the strawberry shortcake. Come on. An accident? Really?
md 108

It didn't seem to bother her.
md 109

But realizing that pulling her chair up to the dessert table didn't keep others from partaking...that did bother her.
md 112

Carol and Calvin md 121 brought a new iced tea recipe that I will share when she sends it to me. Very refreshing and full of bright green mint leaves. Perfect for summer.
md 099

While Little James waits for the next party, we will hope that a wedding or new baby or birthday party will appear on our calendar so that we can get together again.
md 097

And I will leave you with an idea of what makes the list of my favorite things in life. I definitely belong with this family.
md 115
Thanks, Aunt Lib!


  1. Why is your mother's hair whiter than your great aunt's? Love, your mother

  2. I love these. Great picture of the kids............and the food! Love, Dad