Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scissors: Banned

I thought we missed this rite of passage.

After a fabulous garden party, our sassy sweet Anna Jane settled in for a relaxing evening with a coloring book and scissors, ready to cut out paper dolls. As it turned out, there was a more appealing use for the scissors.

Attack of the Kid-Safe Scissors

Don't let her facial expression fool you. She was not ashamed. She thinks she looks great. Though she tries to be modest about it. A friend asked her yesterday if she looked great and she replied "I just look like a plain old woman." That's Anna Jane.

But here she was at Henry's birthday party in February. Cute bob and lots of charm for the camera.
Before the Makeover

I know that many of you out there (like EVERYONE that I work with) will think "she actually did a good job." NOT THE POINT.

Though I have recovered from the trauma, Anna Jane is banned from scissor use for a while. Much to her disappointment when she asked to use the scissors 12 hours after the massacre.

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  1. I don't know about the "good job" part, but she still looks adorable nonetheless!