Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Fever

Dinner on the Deck

We have a new deck. It is covered with pollen and not completely finished. Nevertheless, it is a great place to eat dinner.
After we say the blessing, of course.
God is Great...

Summertime gets very hot and muggy in North Carolina, so these spring nights are perfect for outdoor dining. We were all in great moods!
What's so funny?
Even Daddy with his beautiful new earring!
Life of a toddler

Well, maybe not all of us...
Put the camera down, mommy

And Lucy would have been happy if anyone had dropped shared their yummy dinner with her.
Anything left for me?

If you come to visit, you can eat on our deck too! RSVP to Henry!
What's so funny?


  1. Henry, I will be coming soon to eat on the deck. This blog is too cute. Love, Auntie Egg

  2. Katherine, when in the world do you find time to do this? I love the pictures and the comments. I will definitely have to see your new deck!! Enjoy your wonderful family. Hi to Dave!! Love, Susan