Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Am I Doing HERE??

In blogdom.

I thought that blogs were just a way to keep a diary electronically instead of on paper. And then I realized how great it would be to post photos of everyday things instead of sending an email with only special occasions attached.
I want to share with my family and friends. And now that "birthday season" is over HALLELUJAH, there's no telling when I'll ever see anyone again. So this is where you will find us.

There would be no reason to view this page if you didn't know us, but here is an introduction so that I can practice this blogging.

Once upon a time, David and Katherine were skinny in love. And they got married.

Skinny AND in love

First came Anna Jane
Anna Jane

Then Wilson

At Last, Henry

We live in a Boxwood Jungle in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Go Heels (says Mommy, Anna Jane, and Henry)! Go Wahoos (says Daddy and Wilson)! Stop Having Kids (says Lucy, Nana, and Granna)!

Please visit us often here. If there are no posts, it does not mean that we are not living super-exciting lives. It just means that Mommy might have drowned in the excitement and will return to the blog when she recovers.

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