Monday, June 29, 2009

The Band of Oz

Sunday night we traveled to Davidson for Concerts on the Lawn. We go to see the Band of Oz every year. They play on the large lawn in front of the Davidson College Library.

Surprisingly enough, food is not the number one reason that we have a great time. It's the dancing! The Band of Oz is a great beach music band. My mom and sister were visiting cousin Will in Alabama, so Anna Jane got dance-partner-Papa all to herself!

band of oz 008

This is at the very beginning of the show. As the crowd loosened up, the dance floor was packed!

band of oz 011

The boys were not quite sure about dancing smack dab in between the band and a large crowd of people, though Henry had his bounce down pat.

band of oz 009

Once we got back to our picnic blanket, Wilson picked up his air guitar and started rocking out.

band of oz 013

The show is always a blast, but this year was very exciting for me. My good friend Heather and her new husband Brad joined us. Here is one of 15 shots of Heather that Anna Jane took with my camera.

band of oz 039

And here is Brad.

band of oz 024

No, wait. Here is Brad.

band of oz 042

But really, either one of these men would be a great catch. Brad was very sweet and Dave and I both liked him a lot.

And the 92 year old dancing in the first photo danced all night long. And at the end of the show as we were all lugging our coolers back to our cars, he looked much less worn out than the rest of us did!

And now to the food!! Papa produced a fabulous portable picnic table and I covered it with snacks.

band of oz 003

Henry enjoyed spinach dip on the end of a breadstick.

band of oz 015

And lots of fruit.

band of oz 021

Wilson carved the watermelon.

band of oz 019

band of oz 018

And Anna Jane caught up on business while the band took a little break.

band of oz 048

Just kidding.

band of oz 006

By the end of the night we were all full of food and singing and dancing. Great memories.

band of oz 050

Can't wait till next year! In the meantime, keep rockin!

band of oz 027

My dad's fraternity buddy, Bill Bowman, sponsors the show every year. And since he told me that he loves the blog, I had to include a pic!

band of oz 052


  1. I'm so jealous we weren't there!!! While we had a great time in Birmingham (forcing Will to buy a house!) we really missed the fun, family, food, frolicking (dancing), and music (can't think of any f for music!)....anyway, we missed you all and hopefully we'll be back in nc next year to join in the fun!!!

    -Emily <><

  2. I had a wonderful time dancing with the kids and feeding them. We always enjoy the Band of Oz and this year was no exception. Long live beach music! Papa

  3. So fun!! :)