Monday, June 29, 2009


I have learned a little about blogging in the last few months. I'm sure I still don't know enough to actually have a blog, but here I am.

I'm not sure what I thought a blog was. An online diary? Not for me. I guess I didn't realize that it could be whatever I wanted it to be. I tried Facebook but I don't think I need what it provides. I'm not in need of a social connection.

In the last two months, I have found two ways that I can use this blog to improve my life. Yes, I do think it has improved my life.

This blog has become a place for me to document the childhoods of Anna Jane, Wilson, and Henry. I have had a camera full of digital photos and no tangible sign of a first step, holiday, or latest sewing project. I never printed the photos. So the number of photos that I took decreased drastically. Now I photograph everything. Big things and everyday things. My family and friends know what we are doing. And if they don't, it doesn't take much to get caught up.

I have also learned how willing people are to share on their blogs. Sharing makes the world a better place. I have read blogs where people share their recipes, their patterns for sewing projects, their decorating advice...I love to share. I have fabulous recipes. I can't stand when people refuse to share their recipes. Like it's taking something away from them for someone else to make salsa as yummy as they can! Good food makes the world go 'round. I'll help it spin a little faster.

My favorite discovery since hitting the blog scene is the tutorial. What a generous gift!!! You might already know this, but a tutorial is when someone has crafted or sewn or handmade something worth sharing. As they make it, they painstakingly photograph every step and post the photos, along with specific instructions on how to make it. Then you can make it yourself!! I don't know why this tickles me so! And I haven't even made anything from a tutorial yet! But I have a stack of them waiting for me to finish painting the hideous 1970s paneling in the den!

If you know me (at least the adult me), then you know that I love to sew.
Love it.
Love it.
I have been making the kids' clothes since before Anna Jane was born. I have always bought very fine fabric and used lots of quality patterns for both heirloom sewing and everyday playclothes sewing. Now that Anna Jane is 5, the heirloom sewing window has closed, and she only has a year or so left to wear smocked outfits. So my sewing is changing. I am still making clothes for all three of the kids, but less (or no) embroidery and embelishments. And I'm beginning to make things for myself...things for around the house especially. There just might be a tutorial from my blog around the corner!

I realize that if you are only here to catch up on the kids, this post was of no interest to you. But it might explain why recipes and tutorials start popping up more frequently. I'm sharing with you.

And you can share with me by letting me know you are here! Unless you comment, I can't see you!!


  1. I love reading the recipes, but don't expect me to actually cook them. why would I when you are such a great cook. I wish I could take credit for your talent. Maybe you were starved as a kid and had to learn to cook by default! Keep up the blogging. I love it. Mom

  2. I want the ice cream bread recipe -hugs cc

  3. We're reading! I can't say that I'll become an expert seamstress or upholsterer by reading your blog (I am about as un-crafty as they come), but I sure do like keeping up with y'all! Although reading what you're up to makes me feel like a supreme slacker ;). I feel good about myself if I vacuumed and emptied the dishwasher!

  4. I'm really liking the idea of your tutorials! I was going to ask you at the beach for one of your most simple baby clothes patterns cause I think I would like to at least try to sew something before the gummi bear comes. I love reading your blog and probably check back about 5 times a day to see if you've written anything new!!! Wish I was in Winston to get personal tutorials from you but for now I'll settle for the blog!
    Love you!!
    Emily <><

  5. I'm here and I'm reading... My only way to stay current from down here in the deep south! Keep it up!

  6. I really miss talking to you, thank you so much for sharing your life. The kids are getting so big !!! I hope to talk to you soon :)

    Teresa Carawan