Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decorating on a Dime

Our budget for the deck did not include furniture. Or lighting. Or decorations. Or big, fluffy pillows covered in indoor/outdoor fabric. Or those new plasticky rugs that withstand all weather. Or a new gas grill. Or planters filled to the rim with flowers and ferns.

What I really wanted was an outdoor room. Like this:


What I got was a $100 table and chair set from Roses Discount Store. Like this:

may 010

Certainly the Smith and Hawken outdoor furniture shown above is not worth the almost $5000 price tag (on sale). But this furniture that I bought (the least expensive I could find. anywhere.) leaves a lot to be desired.

So I went to World Market to see if their very cute and slightly pricey outdoor cushions were on sale. And they were!! The cheapest I have seen anywhere. But still too high. I think $29 for one pillow is ridiculous. And Target didn't have them any less expensive.

But what Target did have is a couple of shower curtains. Problem solved.

create 002

One covers the table, folded under and attached with binder clips (see lower left corner). I hate scooting up to a table and getting my legs stuck in the tablecloth. I guess it's more of a table-top-cover. It's made of vinyl, so it can be wiped down or stuck in the washing machine. Another tablecloth was cut into squares and sewn into poofy pillows.

Beautifully cheap.


  1. Do we get to try these out at Anna Jane's graduation party? We can have grasshopper pie and cherry cobbler with ice cream! fat free and sugar free of course! Papa

  2. Martha Stewart move over! You need your own show. The deck looks great:) Mary P.

  3. I am so impressed with your creativity - Kat - I have been decorating for 35 years = and would NEVER have thought of shower curtains for recovering - GOOD JOB - all looks great - also love your white chair - AND the coral trim is DEF the right choice for that chair - - the white is not right with the dark wood..........You continue to amaze me with your talents and your ideas......... KEEP CREATING.........

  4. brilliant. just brilliant. now if only you would move to TEXAS and be my partner in Ruby Rogers Studios. xoxo

  5. Love it!!! Also, LOVE reading everything you post! Good night, Karen :)