Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Let Me Forget

It is so easy to forget the cute things that our kids say and do. They happen on a regular basis, so often I don't recognize them as the special moments that they are. There are two things that Anna Jane says that I wanted to record before I forgot. They are actually wrong words that she uses for two very common things.

My grandmother (known as "Bobbie Quack" by Anna Jane, Wilson, and Henry) gave us her sturdy futon that we put in the playroom. It is a perfect place for the kids to watch movies, and it lays flat when Dave "camps out" over night with them in the playroom. She gave it to us about a year ago. Anna Jane has always called it the crouton. We thought it was funny, but also thought she would correct herself after hearing us call it by it's correct name. But here we are, a year later. After school she will eat her snack and watch her cartoons from the crouton.

I understand the mixing up of the words crouton and futon. But I do not know why she calls your bangs (the hair cut to lay on your forehead ) ruffles. It is so cute, and such a girly thing to say. She will push the ruffles out of my eyes, and when drawing a picture she will ask if I want the girl she is illustrating to have ruffles with her hair.

She graduates from preschool next week and I'm sure that once she starts elementary school there will be all sorts of things leaving her mouth that surprise me.

At least now I will always remember what the words crouton and ruffles mean at my house.

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