Monday, June 29, 2009


My head is full of all of the things that have happened in our lives since I lasted posted on this page. I will attempt to recap the most important. Or at least the ones that I can remember.

Certainly the most important thing that happened was that summer started. That means late nights, campouts on the crouton, and the swimming pool.

summer 2053

summer 2057

summer 2052

Clearly, Henry is the only one who is still going to bed on time.

We have a list of projects a mile long for the summer. Dave has braved the jungle of the front yard and stirred up all sorts of wildlife...

father's day 026

father's day 093

father's day 101

We have also spent time with deer in the backyard. And they ate Anna Jane's cherry tomatoes and sunflowers in the frontyard. Dave's parents have had coyotes and a copperhead, and my sister Emily came home to a scorpion yesterday, so I guess we're lucky.

We went to Charlie Middlebrooks' graduation party. I forgot my camera. Gil, send pics. Charlie is an Eagle Scout and smart kid, but he's going to the wrong Carolina.

We had a great Father's Day that lasted for three whole days! We had barbecue on Saturday with Dave's dad and fam. On Sunday we went to Hanging Rock for our annual Father's Day Picnic. We go to different places each year, and we are always looking for new spots. If you have a great picnic place, let us know...we don't mind a drive.

Here is our annual disaster of a Father's Day photo.

father's day 015

We chose another mountain to climb to celebrate my dad's day. We drove to Shatley Springs for lunch and a visit to the lake.

father's day 056

father's day 072

father's day 082

In the past few weeks, we have learned how much Henry loves water. He prefers to walk right in, seemingly not aware of the possibility of drowning.

He took Papa straight to the lake.

father's day 054

Can you see these cheekbones? They're grinning. Can you see these pants? They're falling down.

father's day 073

Nana saves the day...if Mommy hadn't had the camera stuck to her face, she could have rescued Henry after he ran into the lake.

father's day 068

Drying out.

father's day 076

Next year we will need a bigger bench to hold Punkin Duncan!

father's day 061

Oh yeah. The Monday after Father's Day was our 7 year anniversary. My parents kept the kids while Dave and I had our once-a-year dinner out. When we got home Wilson had puked ALL OVER THE PLACE. Including Papa. No photos available...

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