Monday, June 1, 2009

Grasshopper Pie and The Recipe Common

Very sick weekend. Henry and Wilson have been surviving on Gatorade and nothing else. Maybe they're getting better. It's been a week already.

Wilson has had it with this bug.
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On Saturday night I made a major delivery to the Goodwill drop off truck. I finally unloaded the drapes that were smothering the back half of the garage. Coincidentally, there is an ABC store next to the drop off truck. I stopped in and came home with these...
ghp 006

Just kidding. Well, not kidding about buying these three large bottles of liquor, but kidding about the coincidence part. I was looking through a cookbook that my mom gave me, compiled by members of her church. I found a recipe for Grasshopper Pie. Whenever I hear about grasshopper anything, I think of my dad. He always liked those grasshopper cookies from the grocery store. They are rectangular mint chocolate cookies, covered in chocolate. The funny thing is, every time I see those cookies or come across a grasshopper-type recipe, I think of him. And then I think did he really like them? or is this one of those memories that is exaggerated in my head? maybe I saw him eating a grasshopper cookie one time, and for some reason, that led me to believe that he loves them? Dad, if you could clear this up for me...

So I bought a lifetime's supply of both creme de menthe and cream de cacao. I don't know how that margarita mix got into my bag.

Here is the recipe, straight from the book:

ghp 013

Thanks, Nancy Brody. But I didn't follow the recipe. I will share with you my version of grasshopper pie. But know this: when I serve you Grasshopper Pie, it will be Nancy Brody's version, not mine. I learned this one year when I fixed a low fat pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. No one liked it. No one ate it. I have never served a low fat dish for company since then. But for my family, well, they suffered through it.

Here are the changes to the ingredient list, followed by a how-to-pictorial.

2 T Smart Balance (Works just as well as butter. Don't use light, use regular)
24 marshmallows
1/2 c milk (I used 2% because that's what the kids drink)
4 T green creme de menthe (They also make brown. Can't imagine that makes a pretty pie)
14 (magic) Favorite Wafers (See them in the back of the liquor photo. I might use a store bought chocolate graham cracker crust next time, especially if I'm making for others. This time though, the kids enjoyed making the crust.) (And by the way, they dont' actually have the word magic in their brand name. But they are magic, and I will prove it with another recipe I have. But not today.)
2 T white cream de cacao (It's actually clear)
1 carton Cool Whip (HUGE calorie saver)

Now here's how to do it.

Beat the chocolate cookies to pieces. Literally. With a fist or a wooden spoon. Or a rolling pin. Or a hammer. But try not to burst the baggie. Oh yeah, put them in a baggie first.

ghp 009

ghp 011

ghp 014

Mix the crumbs with the melted smart balance and press into a pie plate. I put the plate into the freezer while we continued. I would probably use more than 14 if you use these specific cookies. Or buy pre-made.

The kids counted out the marshmallows that I melted on the stove in milk.

ghp 019

ghp 018

I removed the melted marshmallow mixture from the heat and added the liquors. And a little green food coloring to increase the grasshopper factor. I transfered it to a mixing bowl and stuck it in the fridge to help with chilling.

ghp 031

When completely chilled (no rushing this, folks) I folded in the Cool Whip and poured the entire mixture into the pie crust. It stayed in the freezer for just a few hours and was ready to serve. How about a yummy photo? Sorry. I forgot to take one before we ate it!!

As an apology I have included another recipe. This one was interpreted by Anna Jane in a book (not a recipe book however) that she found on the kitchen counter.

ghp 007

The Recipe Common (not sure where this title came from)
2 c oil
2 c sugar
2 c oatmeal
2 c butter sauce
3 c ketchup
4 c cream
5 c cinnamon

Cook in freezer at 20 hours. When it's 2:00 you can eat them.

Doesn't get yummier than that!


  1. I don't know about Dad but I love grasshopper pie and anything made with chocolately-minty goodness!!! -emily

  2. I also don't know about Dad, but I also love mint and chocolate! Mom

  3. grasshoppers, turtles, gorp, bring it all on and I will eat it! Just keep thinking of me! Love, Dad

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