Monday, June 8, 2009

Levering Orchard

This weekend we spent a day in Virginia with my Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Kent, and cousin Philip (godfather to Henry). We met them at Levering Orchard to pick...

cherry 063

Or in case you can't decipher the sign...

cherry 069

I have wanted to visit this orchard for several years. Elizabeth and Kent have been before, and for some reason it's always easier to do things when someone else suggests it. Especially if they like your kids and will help you keep control of them on a cherry farm.

We started out pretty low to the ground and close to the road.

cherry 004

cherry 006

Our only opinion of the ladder was that it was in the way.

cherry 005


cherry 059

cherry 011

cherry 009

The best cherries were way up high. Daddy ate just as many as he put in the bucket.

cherry 041

This was a great all-ages activity.

cherry 050

Got one!!

cherry 051

We were all pink and sticky in a matter of minutes.

cherry 026

cherry 077

cherry 044

cherry 034

On the way down the road for more fun. The shorts were slowing him down.

cherry 062

Don't tell anyone, but the yellow wax cherries are 50 times better than the dark reds. We had to fill up more buckets!

cherry 081

cherry 031

cherry 032

cherry 057

We probably ate as many as we tossed in the bucket...

cherry 070

We wrapped up the day at the farm. Kent grilled burgers.

cherry 083

The kids talked Philip into a tractor ride. Then he talked them into waashing his car!

cherry 086

cherry 091

We had a great time. And yummy cherry pies to show for it!

cherry 100 cherry 102 cherry 105

Thanks for the great weekend!

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  1. Ok, when do I get my no sugar added cherry cobbler? Yum! Papa