Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Life of a Chair

I bought this chair last year at the Habitat ReSale Store.


Furniture and building supplies are donated and then sold to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. I have participated in building several of these houses, mostly with my church. When you enter the store, there is a sign that asks for you to please pay the sticker price. They mark things down in price if they have been there for a certain amount of time, but even at the starting price, they aren't that high. All of the money made goes into building homes for people less fortunate than me, so I never bargain there.

This chair was $25. It has this cute little skirt and a pillow that hangs from the top rail. Lots of character. And the fabric wasn't that bad. Just a little dated. If it was clean, I might have considered it a cute vintage print. But it wasn't clean. Well, mostly it was faded. And it's not like you can wash color back into a textile.

So I took it home and put it into the living room. It's quite short. It looked silly there. So I took it to Mount Airy, lifted it up onto the table shown in the 1st photograph, and tore the whole chair apart.

First I removed the fabric. And found more fabric.


The black floral underneath is a chintz. And I have to say, I think it looks awful. The groovy print on top looks much better with the wood than the black does. While I was taking the chair apart, I found that the last upholstery job was done with tacks. No staples. Not only did it mean that it was a pain to uncover, but also that it was probably last covered in the late 60s, before staple guns became readily available for this task.

I sanded and painted a nice glossy black. Remember the can of black latex paint, who was friends with the brave polar explorer?

fam 359

Here is the filling for the seat. Based on the vegetation (moss) and hog hair used to fill, the chair could easily be around 100 years old.


Retying the springs. This will be quite a sturdy chair. And no, those are not my hands...

fam 366

Crooked little Pretty little staples!

up 006

OOPS!!! It's naked!

md 010

Much better. I do think that my instructor wanted me to leave the skirt off (he also wasn't too pleased with my decision to paint the wood). But I did make a little skirt anyway. It definitely is more me with the addition of the skirt. I'm a poofy kind of girl, not tailored (in any way).


This actually isn't the finished chair, but I decided to post anyway. I still haven't made the pillow to hang on the back posts. It will be in the same white fabric with a big black C monogrammed on the front. It is already in the entrance hall (despite the fact that it hasn't been pressed...maybe the wrinkles add to the poof factor?). I have also started a couple of black and white projects to hang on the wall across from it. I will post an "entrance hall before" and an "entrance hall after" photo. Whenever the "after" is complete.

Not bad for $25 bucks. I've already started my next chair. Here is a sneak peek...

mi 001

It's a beautiful French Wingback chair that I found in the "junk room" at a consignment shop. Ticket price was $80; I got it for $40. Not a problem to bargain there. I really loved the fabric, but ewwwww, gross! Filthy, filthy, filthy. I can't wait to show you the fabric that was hiding under this chinz. Very pretty, but surprising. And I really can't wait to show you the fabric that I picked out to reupholster the chair in. Very pretty, and perhaps surprising as well....

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  1. I love it, I love it, I love it! And ven more than the chair, I'm so impressed with you! Girl, your talents have no end. :)