Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Mine


I hope you read the title of the post before you examined the photo. Again...NOT MINE.

My little sister is going to have a Punkin. Punkin Duncan, as named by proud Nana and Papa. She is due in the middle of January. We are so excited and can't wait for a new cousin. Emily is surviving most of her pregnant summer in Athens, while Todd is interning in Birmingham. She does plan on bringing her tired self to the beach, so we will catch up with her then.

I can't wait for baby showers and a teeny-weeny to sew for again!


  1. Blue is checking out her competition already! We can't wait until January. Love, Papa

  2. We like to call the little thing growing inside of me our little Gummi Bear! We are so excited but I don't want to wish for January too much....I'm trying to enjoy these next 7 months with all of the excitement and mystery that comes with being pregnant! -Emily <><