Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost Finished

We're working so hard...on so many things. We came close to checking a couple of those things off our list today, but not quite.

I almost finished a summer dress for Anna Jane today.

finished 013

But not quite.

I almost finished her First Day of Kindergarten dress today.

finished 014

But not quite.

Dave and Adam almost installed the brand spanking new light fixture today.

finished 010

But not quite.

Let me pause here and let you all know that it took 2 days for Shades of Light to process and ship my order. 2 days. I ordered it on Tuesday. It arrived today. Thursday. 2 days. Love them.

Dave and I tag-teamed and almost finished the painting in the den. But not quite. But I did finish reupholstering the very large couch for the den. But the not quite part about it is that I haven't finished the matching loveseat.

Before you scroll down to the almost finished part, here is a before. About 2 months before:

summer 2029

The cushions were fabulously recovered by my dear friend, Jenny. Without her help, the couches would have taken me until Christmas. Or Easter. But thanks to Jenny for covering cushions, Dave and Adam for painting, and me for bossing them all around, I present my almost finished den:

finished 004

Now, almost is a relative term. We still have art to hang, accent pillows to make, a recliner to the time it takes to go from almost finished to finished might be a while.

Yesterday, my mom came to town. Here is a pic of her:


Drawn by Olivia Newton John Jane:


She helped me almost finish an art project for the front hall.

finished 009

Raise your hand if you know how hard it is to catch a 16 month old long enough to trace his hand on a piece of linen. Too hard. So mom made it a game and traced his hand on a piece of paper that I can used as a template to embroider onto the fabric. More about that project later. Maybe I will have an Actually Finished post as a follow up to this one.

She also made me buy this chandelier for the dining room:

light 002

It's dusty and dirty and green. But with a little bit of imagination and a lot of work, I'm sure it will look like this, but $800 cheaper.

And she also made me buy a consigned chair that Dave described as hideous. No pic yet.

Okay, really she didn't make me do any of this. She actually tried her hardest to make me not buy the chair. She says I have a chair fetish. She probably meant to say how brave and selfless I am for buying such poor chairs and giving them a new life with a staple gun and an astonishing sense of design.

A day of almost accomplishments. I'm good with that.


  1. I have project envy when I look at your blog!! I used a plate very similar to that to make my first bishop! I did it on the blue mini gingham and I gave it away. I am super impressed with your reupolstery and I think you should find out about having a booth at birdfest or something! You are amazing! Is the first day of school dress on a mary dee? I can't quite tell from the pic...

    Good luck get "finished". We are off to the beach!