Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheering Up

wiz 088, originally uploaded by kaelle78.

A nail in my left rear tire. Leads to 4 new tires and a front end alignment. Leads to $500 unexpectedly spent.

So this will cheer you up. Because you're probably pretty bummed about my predicament.

Every time we drive to the lake or the beach we watch Alvin and The Chipmunks. Which means that we've seen it enough times for the kids to have it memorized. Anna Jane's favorite part is where the chipmunks sing the song Funkytown.

Here is their version:

Anna Jane, always the performer, has a slightly different version. Her lyrics include the following words:

oh yeah
tinka tinka

Feel free to play the clip again if you don't recognize the similarities in the versions. I have no idea how to turn the clip right side up. I also have no idea why she translated the song this way. Dave thinks she needs her ears checked. That will have to wait until next month. This month's money is all in the tires.

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