Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hardwood Walls

We love our house. It's perfect for us. We love the people who lived here before us who made the house the perfect house for us.
They loved hardwood floors. They loved them so much that they continued the hardwood floors all the way up the walls to the ceiling.

I'm not kidding.


This paneling can be found in the den (room shown), the hallway to the bedrooms, and the playroom. My top priority this summer is to paint the paneling in the den. I am a huge fan of cottage style, and I think the right colors of paint can turn this 1970's ranch paneling into a comfy-cozy cottage living space.

I started priming the paneling. I got all of the way around the room to this built in desk and bookshelf. They don't really bother me, but Dave really hated the desk. So I told him if he wanted to get it out, now is the time. So he picked up Adam and a crowbar and they got to work.



I was worried that the removal of the desk would tear up a little of the paneling. No need to worry. Just a few holes that Dave patched with wood putty. What I should have worried about was the floor. If you look carefully at the previous photo, you can see a light color on the floor where the drawer cabinets were. As it turns out, the previous owners didn't love hardwood floors enough to put them under the cabinets. In fact, there is no floor at all. Just subfloor.

Ugh. All I wanted was to paint.

Since the room makeover is less than successful at this point, I decided that I would make-over one of my kids instead.



Such a big boy!


  1. I like his new summer doo. Now we need to put more sunscreen on at the beach since his hair doesn't cover his ears ('.') Papa

  2. The other thing you can do with that paneling is cut down to 2/3 height, or 1/2 height and drywall the top. Add a molding to cover the gap, prime and paint and you have a beautiful hardwood wainscot. If you do the 2/3 height, you can add a shelf that goes all the way around a la pottery barn. SO cute, and cottagey when painted white!!