Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vegetable Weekend and One More Year

The weekend got off to a rocky start...Henry got a metal/plastic splinter in his little foot. The doctor had to slice it open to get it out. And he still didn't get it all out. But sweet Henry was such a trooper.

His vocabulary has exploded over the past week. My two favorite words include glasses and doctor. Just because they seem to be particularly difficult words for those little lips to produce.

veggies 004

His little lips are really good at sucking the melted butter off an ear of corn, though. And they have another new trick. The other day I was holding Henry on my hip, talking to Dave and doing some task in the kitchen. All of a sudden I realized that while I was busy talking and searching through the refrigerator, Henry had been putting his head to my shoulder and giving it kisses. It's impressive if you have ever seen a toddler try to coordinate his puckering and smacking.

We've been painting.

wiz 044

When Dave got out of the car to pump the gas the other day, Wilson said the sweetest (unsolicited) thing. "I like my family." I often get overwhelmed with happiness. But I usually stop myself from telling Dave "I'm so happy right now. I love our life." Because I usually can't articulate why I feel the way I do. Other than the obvious three kids, supportive families, loving husband, dog, house, picket fence...Wanting to know if he could express exactly what made him say that at that moment, I asked him, "What do you like about our family?" This was his unforgettable response: "Ummm.....cheese."

On Friday night we taught the kids how to eat artichokes. They are not exactly self-explanatory vegetables. Wilson listened very carefully to Dave's instructions and accompanying demonstration.

wiz 014

Just when I think Anna Jane is all grown up, I see a photo of her little fingers manipulating an artichoke and think I see a little baby pudge left on them. I'm glad for the lingering baby pudge.

wiz 033

Look what the little pudgies produced! A delicious leaf dripping with butter!

wiz 023

The kids liked dissecting their vegetables. Henry didn't get to experience the peeling of the leaves, which left him more time to eat!

wiz 036

Dave was a little concerned that I didn't cut all of the spikes off his leaves. It was an accident, I'm sure.

wiz 032

Bobbie Quack (my grandmother) called on Saturday and asked us to pick up some of the extra vegetables she had harvested from her garden. We got bright red tomatoes and cucumbers. Also some green tomatoes to fry. Tomato and mozzarella salad, crunchy vegetables dipped in ranch, tomato pie, corn on the cob, quick pickles, fresh basil summer food.


Tonight we enjoyed Nana and Papa's company during dinner. They were on their way home from the mountains, celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Thirty-five years is a long time. Longer than I've been alive. I haven't been there the whole time, but I've been there for 31 of those years. And I know that I don't know everything, but I'm pretty sure I know that it's not some amazing feat that they've been together for so long. Some things just fit together like my mom and dad do. They are best friends. They would rather be with each other than with anyone in the whole world.

So I don't mean to diminish the importance or the awe-factor of their 35 years together. Or to even act like it's not a big deal that they are still married at all in our culture. But they are a match made in heaven. And that has made the lives of my family and my sister's expanding family heaven on earth.


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  1. should I admit that i never knew you could dip Artichokes in melted butter, and have now wasted years of my life eating them plain, and dipping in miracle whip? You have a mother's heart Katherine, and this post shows it. Yes, it is the inexplicable, unplanned moment between all the "musts" that choke me up to.