Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Fish in a Big Pond

Tomorrow Anna Jane starts Kindergarten and Wilson starts preschool. I feel very lucky to be a teacher and to see my children on a day-to-day basis in their educational environment. I loved passing Anna Jane's class in the hallway and seeing her in the lunch room. She loves school and it shows.

I can't wait to see how Wilson does in his classroom. He has the same teacher that Anna Jane did when she was three. Their personalities are very different, so I'm eager to see if he loves it as much as she does.

Anna Jane's love of performing was nurtured greatly by the music teacher at The Children's Center, Dr Beall. She performed solos at the Christmas program and at the Graduation Ceremony. I watched this video clip the other day and can't believe how much she has grown up since last Christmas.

I hope she holds on to her confidence, her love of school and her passion for performing for a crowd.

And I hope that Wilson's teachers hold on to their hats!

wiz 003


  1. I don't think I was keeping Wilson that day!Love, Nana

  2. Anna Jane sounds so excited about school and Wilson is taking that wait and see attitude. I can't wait to hear about this first week. Love, Papa