Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday Chair

It's Nana's birthday! A few weeks ago I asked her if she had a chair that she wanted me to reupholster for her as a birthday gift. Before I could even finish the question she told me which chair needed an upgrade first.

Here is the chair that she picked.


It is an antique armchair from my great-grandparents' house. A lot of the nice furniture that we have is from Josephine and Henry Wilson's house. Obviously the chair had been a favorite scratching post of our Siamese cat, Thai.


The chair was covered with a green/gold nubby fabric (I'm sure that's the technical term, nubby). It coordinated well with my mom's copper colored couch in her living room. I wanted to stay in the same color family so that it would slide in easily where it had been sitting for the past several years.

I found a beautiful gold paisley/medallion bolt of fabric that had a similar color but a lot more style. In a record one night, the chair was transformed. Thanks to Larry, who is a speedy stapler, and Jenny, who didn't leave until 1:30am this morning to make sure that my mom would get her chair today.

bdaychair 003

The fabric had a very large medallion that I tried centering on the inside back of the chair. The motif was too large to fit nicely and looked a little silly. So I decided to shift the fabric so that it was more of an all over paisley design rather than centering the design on each panel of the chair (inside back, outside back and seat). It looks more updated like this and not so much like a throne.

I didn't tell my mom that she would have the chair anytime soon, and since we bought the fabric two days ago I know she didn't expect it today.

So we put a bow on the chair and let her stumble across it without any prior notice.

bdaychair 005

It didn't take her long to see it, she had to get past the kids first.

bdaychair 009

I do think that her Dewey's birthday cake was her favorite part of the day, but I'll go ahead and take credit for her second favorite birthday treat.

Actually, tomorrow is Nana's birthday, so let's hope she has as much fun as she did today. Let's call it her practice birthday. In honor of her real birthday, I will do my first ever giveaway. But you have to tune in tomorrow to get the scoop!

Happy practice birthday, Nana!!


  1. Ok, I am here for the giveaway on Saturday morning! Thanks for Nana's chair. She is very happy and loves the chair. She says it everytime she looks at it! Love , Papa

  2. I just made drapes for my friend made out of that exact same fabric from L.F. Small world. It looks great!