Friday, August 14, 2009

Nana's Birthday Giveaway!!

This is my first ever giveaway. I'm starting small, but if this goes well I will be encouraged to do more!

In addition to the birthday chair, I also made my mom a plastic bag dispenser for her practice birthday. Sounds like an awful present, I know. But she asked for one and even brought the fabric for it!

A few months ago I made one from scraps of fabric that I had leftover from making this dress:

fam 250

The bag dispenser hangs from my laundry room door. Anna Jane is in charge of keeping it stuffed with plastic grocery bags.

giveaway 006

I made this one for Dave's mom when she redesigned her laundry room. I used a fat quarter, which turns out to be the perfect size for this project. I also used this fabric to make my fabulous fabric basket!

giveaway 001

My mom brought several pieces of fabric from her stash and specifically pointed out how pretty this one was and how much she wanted a bag dispenser out of it. So, VOILA! Anna Jane overstuffed it.

bdaychair 010

So the giveaway goes like this...YOU leave a comment on this post. Tell me one of your most memorable or favorite birthday present. I will put your names in a hat and chose one person to send a plastic bag dispenser to! Leave your email address and we can coordinate the color fabric and any other details that might make the bag dispenser a perfect accessory for your kitchen or laundry room.

Teacher workdays start on Monday, so if I don't lose my head in the next week, I will plan on drawing a name on Wednesday, August 19th. Leave a comment between now and then and I will look forward to reading your birthday memories!


  1. We may not qualify for the giveaway since we already have our bag dispenser but we can tell you that this birthday weekend celebration for Nana has already been memorable. Thanks for the chair for Nana. Papa will sit in it! Thanks for the bag for Nana, she will stuff it! Love, Nana and Papa

  2. Here is my favorite birthday memory. For my 30th birthday, I got engaged. My mom was visiting from NC. I received the ring and all of us went sightseeing in Philadelphia. I had the ring on the entire day and my mom never noticed it. I kept making excuses to put my hand in her face, after a day of sight seeing and trying to get her to notice..we finally broke down and told her the good news....

    paige baranyai

  3. Bobbie Quack said one of her favorite birthdays was when everyone dressed up in costume and she gave out prizes. (katherine was covered in bubbles in an ivory soap box)

  4. I know this sounds cheesy but I'm going to venture a guess and say this upcoming birthday I will receive the most memorable present ever....that would be thanks to the child that I should give birth to hopefully sometime in the 10 days following! Katherine, what's YOUR most memorable birthday?

  5. HI Katherine, I am loving your blog! How on earth do you find the time you crazy girl? I think my favorite birthday will be the one in 6 weeks... my first one married to Jack!! :-)

  6. I loved turning 30... nothing too exciting happened, but I loved how my life had come along (and was thankful to no longer be in my twenties when I made some stupid mistakes!)... now I want to get one of this bag holders! :)
    love, Karen Simmons

  7. My favorite birthday was probably the one you helped me celebrate when I turned 18 and my parents had a party around the pool after we came back from the mountains where we had traveled to see Joe get ordained (I grumbled at the time because I was so tired, but it was a really special day). But, the most memorable birthday present was, without any question, when my Dad gave me two lengths of rope to complete the staircase into the fort he built me in the backyard for my third birthday.

  8. Katherine - I love your blog! Your kids are adorable and you and Dave haven't aged a bit. A birthday gift I remember...My grandmother one year (I was around 10) gave me box that was filled with Rice Krispe Treats. Being one of four (at the time) and never really being allowed junk food - this was like treasure to me! I didn't have to share it (but did) and it was something I loved when my Grandmother made them. I still remember opening the box and thinking I had gold! Wouldn't be great if Andrew and Brett were happy with a box of Rice Krispe Treats! Sandy Y.

  9. Katherine, you have an awesome blog, and are so talented! I'm so impressed! Your children are beautiful, and I just love Anna Jane's hair short. I would buy a bag from you, because I need one badly! But, just in case, my most memorable birthday was in 2007. Makenna was born 2 days before my birthday, & I brought her home on my birthday. What better present? Plus, since I'm always preparing for her birthday now, I don't have any more, so I'm actually not aging!

    Jen Rogers

  10. Ok, I'm going to post my favorite birthdays moments...yes, I have several!! My 21st bday at the creek was a great night with great friends and family!! My 27th bday when my daddy got me a shot gun. I had never shot a gun before. I called this my "redneck birthday party" b/c some party guest decided that it would be a good idea to throw beer bottles into the air and try and shot them out of the sky! Last, my 30th bday was the probably one of the best b/c Brad, Bradley and Braxton sang happy birthday to me and danced for me! It was one of those that you had to see!

    By the way, I love the blog and I hope that I can start one as well. I want to start a lot of things now that I have decided to stay home with the boys......I should have lots of free time to do this!! :) Would love to see you, Dave and the kids!! Merry Alice