Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the Edge of Your Seat

It's here! The results of the first ever giveaway, in honor of Nana's birthday!
Thank you for participating or at least stopping by. I happen to know that out of the hundreds of you that did stop by, only 10 of you left a comment. Maybe I will find something much more fabulous to giveaway next time. But please remember that you can always leave a comment without the threat of receiving a plastic bag dispenser. Every now and then, just let me know that you like what you see, or you don't, or you haven't made up your mind. I like to know that you're out there.

And for the news that you have all been waiting for...the winner of the ultimate kitchen/laundry room accessory, custom made with my 10 little fingers, stuffed by the sweatshop workers that are my children....the winner is.....the winners are...

Cousin Paige in Michigan who is responsible for our Old Navy wardrobe!

And my grandmother, known around here as Bobbie Quack!

And the best Assisstant Principal in the school system, Carol!

And Jen Rogers, Anna Jane's fabulous preschool music teacher!

Auntie Em, who needs to get organized before January when her house explodes with diapers and wipes and onesies!

A fabulous neighbor and encourager of my love of NYC, Sandy!

Karen, who has known me since we were 15, and was my college roomie!

Merry Alice, who is the newest stay-at-home mom for me to be jealous of!

Matthew, who has known me even longer than Karen and who married an awesome person that I wish I had known for that long!

And Mom and Dad, who didn't need a bag, but supported me with a comment anyway!!

I know I've already broken the rules by chosing everyone who responded, but it's my way of saying thanks for participating!
If you are a winner, leave a comment with your preference of either bold and bright fabric or soft and soothing fabric. And if you have a color preference, leave that as well.

And if you are a fan of giving and receiveing, then click on this button

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Ok, I might be gone for a while...time to charge up the sewing machine!


  1. Lesson learned. :) Any chance a personal smocking lesson giveaway? Keep the blog rolling. I'm hooked. And how do you know how many hits your blog gets? I want to know - I put that silly map on mine, but it doesn't work very well. Teach me, Master.

    Any luck with the Roman shades?


  2. Hey! I read your blog everyday and live it! Hope you are doing well -

  3. I'm so excited!!!!! Our pantry will thank you! I want to get on that personal smocking lesson giveaway list too! :-D

  4. Bag lady's choice for our bag. I guess we should enter the lottery this week since we are so lucky!. Love, Nana and Papa

  5. Ha! I could not stop laughing. Kat, you rock! Thank you... can't wait. I especially can't wait for it to be stuffed by your "littles"!
    Love, Karen