Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shelf Favorites

After weeks in boxes, I moved my bookshelf items back to the shelves. They look much better with a background of newly painted shelves and paneling. I snapped a photo of one of my shelf favorites sitting amongst the books and photos.

shelf 010

I might not need to tell you this, but there isn't actually a brown squiggly line across the address.

This is the envelope that held my cousin Brookie's wedding invitation. I love that it includes our whole family. I thought of framing it, but when I got home one day, my mom had propped it on this little easel, which was perfect.

I might have gotten a little carried away, but I decided to photograph a few more shelf favs to show you.

Here is another favorite that (like the envelope) isn't usually displayed on a shelf.

shelf 005

Anna Jane painted this at my grandmother's house (Bobbie Quack). She chose her flower, mixed her colors and followed Bobbie Quack's modeling on her own canvas. I think she expected to hang it in her own room, but I snagged it for the living room. The placement on the top of the hanging shelf was actually temporary so that no grubby little fingers would snag it back. Turns out it looks great among silver platters and baby cups.

And finally...

shelf 011

This broken seashell is more than 25 years old. I didn't find it on the beach. It's from the store. I got it when I visited the beach with my grandparents, Bobbie and Jim Wilson. It sat on my corner cupboard when I was growing up. When I started teaching I took it to my classroom and displayed it on the science table.

That's why it's broken. So I brought it home. It still looks beautiful here.

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  1. The shelves look great. Dave was correct in wanting the lower cabinets out!