Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Heart April Barnum

It's not important that it's 10:30 at night. It's not important that I just got home for the day. Nor is it important that I haven't eaten dinner, packed the kids lunches for tomorrow or picked out their school clothes. The most important thing that I did today was check the mail. About 20 minutes ago. On top of the mailbox there was a small brown package, ready for the rain, a fast car, or a squirrel to knock it off.

gift 002

I had no idea what it was. I haven't ordered anything. And then I realized...it was from my gift-swap that I entered on My Mama Made It. So I got really excited and ran inside to rip it open.

gift 005

So here I am. Eating my apple cinnamon Bagel-fuls (yummy by the way), ridiculously snapping pictures of my package, typing furiously as if anyone needs this information tonight, and beaming at my good fortune for signing up for the gift exchange below April Barnum.

Look what I have to play with...

gift 006

All of this in that tee-tiny little box. Oh, the joy it brought!!

Thank you April Barnum! You are my newest favorite sewing friend. I will pray for you and your new adventures on your beautiful life.

Be truly glad. There is wonderous joy ahead! I Peter 1:6


  1. How fun! I love My Mama Made It! Made some stuff for A last night. Jealous of your stash..

  2. Oh I love that Apple fabric. What a great idea!

  3. Umm... WOW!!!!!!!! What a LOVELY box full of fun! I'm so glad you participated!