Friday, September 11, 2009

My Favorite Dress

I have a favorite pattern that I would like to share. This makes a quick and easy girl's dress. It takes an afternoon, and most of the time is spent putting in elastic.

dress 004

For some reason, when I browse patterns I am always drawn to the toddler or baby patterns. Since Anna Jane is quite thin, all I have to do is add to the length and the dress always fits.

The first time I used this pattern, it was for this dress that Anna Jane wore to the party of the year...

wiz 079

This is one of my favorite fabrics. I found another great fabric to make a second dress. I liked it so much that after I cut it out and fell head-over-heels in love with it, I decided to put down my pins and drive to Knit One Smock Too to buy some for myself. Which was kind of a joke. I've never made clothes for myself. Except one Amy Butler dress. Which someone else finished for me.

I have a favorite tank that I bought to wear under cardigans. It is a little blousy, which I definitely like. I decided that the fabric would look great under a cardigan, or on it's own during the summer time. Well, it turned out that they didn't have the fabric. But they had this other Moda print that looked just as fabulous.

I traced the top and added a seam allowance. And looky here...

sew 001

I'm a little impressed with myself. Just a little.

I eventually picked the pins back up (about a week later) and finished Anna Jane's dress.

dress 003

I would make her one for every day of the week if I could. I might do it. It would be a super-comfy nightgown if made with a soft flannel...

I do want to point out the difference between the two little girl models wearing the same dress on the pattern. I can understand the appeal of a cute little 40's print or a soft muted patterned fabric. But I think the fabrics used on the cover of the pattern are pretty dismal. I'm so glad I used some quality fabrics to bring life to this dress. The right fabric for a project is so important. It can make the world a prettier place.

It can also make an ironing board a prettier place...

applique 005

It's no competition for the rockin' linoleum floors though!


  1. Can you do a tutorial on how to make this dress? I've got a little girl to get ready for so I might as well start practicing now! :-D