Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last night...

...I took the following photographs:

3rd skirt 003

Anna Jane wearing a dress that I made for her when she was almost 3 years a top. No alterations needed.

3rd skirt 001

Wilson's toe after almost being chopped off with my dressmaking shears.


Henry using every tactic possible to keep me from finishing my third skirt.

And the one photo that I didn't take was Dave asleep on the hardwood floors outside of the kids' rooms where he promised Wilson he would stay until the kids fell asleep.


  1. My girls wear old dresses as shirts all the time:)

  2. Love this post.. and I do wish you got a picture of Dave!!! :)
    love, Karen

  3. I love how she matches with the pillow! Those colors look so pretty on her too. I never thought of using my little girls dresses as tops with pants...a great tip just in time for winter!