Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sam the Dot Man

Does this happen to you? There are days when you have all the time and the world and nothing really to blog about...and then there are days when you have so much to say and not enough time...I've been stricken with the second scenario.

To try and catch up, let me introduce you to Sam the Dot Man.


He is a local folk artist who's Smithsonian-hung art can be found in many homes and businesses around Winston-Salem. He's kind of a treasure. If Winston-Salem were a nation, he would be our national treasure. And he would have painted the flag. And the flag pole. And the cement that the flag pole is mounted in.


His house is unmistakeable and covered in his trademark dots.


This building is actually his studio and showroom. His house is next door. He says that everything in it is painted.


This is the ceiling:


Really. He paints everything.

My friend Linda is an artist and is close with Sam. Last year she had him paint a picture of Anna Jane, Wilson and Henry.


It was really exciting to have our name on a piece of his artwork. This piece was only a warmup, though. For years I have had a piece of furniture waiting for Sam. For as long as I have known about this cabinet, and for as long as I've known about Sam, I have been sure that they belonged together.

This small antique cabinet was used in Pud Davis' preschool that she ran on Meadowbrook Drive about 50 years ago. My grandmother painted it and cut the legs off of two chairs painted to match.

I gave Sam no directions. Linda dropped it off with him and a week later I took the kids to pick it up. As we scrambled out of the car and ran towards the dots, Wilson screamed "Awesome!"

His colors are bright and often his art is painted on unexpected canvases....



My favorite is the cash register...


Linda had 80 tote bags painted to use as favors for her daughter's wedding. Sam told me that the paint he uses is very expensive, but that the kids could stomp all over it and it would hold up. He had to strip the old paint off of the cabinet and replace the hinges. He also said that lots of visitors to his shop wanted to buy my cabinet. Lots of people have bar stools painted by Sam. I'm glad to have a one-of-a-kind piece.

Lots of pics of the cabinet follow...I wanted to show you each and every angle!


These next pics were taken after I took the cabinet home. It's outside only for the sake of good lighting. It will live inside with the fam.





I love how the door knobs are painted different colors:


My favorite part of the piece is the "T-Rec," as Wilson would say...


I also love that Sam painted the inside of the cabinet pink...


I love art.

And I love Sam.


  1. LOVE it!!!! -karen

  2. I'm impressed with seeing it again and I was there!

  3. You probably know that Sam painted me a lovely wine rack a few years back. If you don't know the funny story about it... come and see me Monday!

  4. OMG!!!
    does he ship to Israel? seriously....

  5. Very nice article. The cabinet is beautiful. I noticed the pink interior right away and thought that was a great touch. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on Sam, and I peruse the Internet every so often to "check up" on him. Have never met him, but I do adore him and his work. A friend I met online had given him the printout of my article, and he sent back with her his autograph for me. It got lost in the mail. Still heartsick about it.