Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations

Before holiday season gets here, I have to get through baby shower season. It will be fun and totally worth it, but it does take lots of preparation. My sister Emily had a shower last weekend and will have two next weekend. My cousin Katie has a shower next weekend as well. And one of my college buddies Heather has a shower the following weekend.

I am hosting one of Emily's shower next weekend and I had a lot of fun with her invites. When I was pregnant with Anna Jane, my friend Lindsey B sent invitations for a shower held at Mary's of Course, a local restaurant/cafe. They were adorable and I decided to replicate those invites with a minor change.

transformers 014

On Lindsey's invites she took the time to punch holes in the front and close the "diaper" with real diaper pins. I had some buttons in a drawer, so I used those instead.

Here's a quick how-to:

I used different patterns of paper. I'm not sure why, because I'm the only one who saw them all. I used Lindsey's original invite as a template and traced it onto the scrapbook paper. Make sure that you make the diapers with the size of the invitation in mind. You want the invite to slide into the diaper easily.

transformers 008

Put the diaper template right side down with the widest part away from you:

transformers 009

Fold the short side to meet the long side, lining up the edges:

transformers 010

Fold in the edges so that they overlap slightly:

transformers 011

Then attach the button with a bit of hot glue (or fasten with a diaper pin):

transformers 012

I had Anna Jane help write the invitations and we slid them in:

transformers 015

transformers 013

Depending on the paper you use, they could look old fashioned or modern.

transformers 021

Can't wait to show some of the gifts I give...after I give them, of course!


  1. these are so cute!! It almost makes me wish I was having another baby. Well, except for I don't think you get a shower for baby number 5, I think you probably get an intervention.

  2. I absolutely love the invitations and I'm glad you've posted pictures so I can see all the different papers you used! I love your creative energy and I strive to be more like you!!!
    Thanks for everything and I can't wait for the shower in just 1 week. As always, you will be the perfect host and I know Anna Jane will follow suit! Love you!!!

  3. Those are GREAT! The bottons are FAR cuter than those silly diaper pins. And it was a great idea to use all different papers. Katherine = genius.

    Any good ideas for a triplets shower? I'm giving another one of those in a few weeks.