Monday, November 30, 2009


I know, who wants to read a post about a breadbox? And I won't lie, that's what this is really about. But it's worth reading...

I always thought that breadboxes were unnecessary on a kitchen counter. Until I married a sandwich-loving man and started packing a factory's-worth of school lunches. Then when my cute counter-top pedestal bowl could no longer hold bagels and bread and rolls and the occasional collection of bite-size snickers, I realized the true value of a breadbox.

I looked for one on ebay and craigslist and goodwill online (love it). Couldn't really find one that appealed to me. I also tried etsy, but only found one breadbox even listed. That one wasn't for me either.

The other day I was at an actual goodwill retail store and found one for $5.

tg 002

I figured this one could be painted my favorite seafoam green color and I would call it a success.

Then...I changed my mind. I thought that painting the entire door might make it too difficult to slide up and down. So I decided to mod podge.

I primed the entire box and planned to paint the whole thing white and glue some cute scrapbook paper to the slats of the sliding door.

tg 033

I had to decide on the paper. I thought that scrapbook paper would be easy to apply since it's fairly stiff and wouldn't get stuck in the mod podge. On the other hand, I thought that a pretty wrapping paper would let the sliding door continue to slide easily. When it came down to it, I based this decision on the paper that I liked best.

I ended up choosing this bold black and white print. I cut strips the size of the slats...

tg 032

I used the mod podge as a glue under the paper and as a sealer on top of the paper.
Since I wanted the design to stay in tact along the door, I had to keep my paper strips in order.

tg 035

I did this by numbering the strips and applying them in order...

tg 029

Again, no lies from me: this was a pretty tedious project. Not that it wasn't worth it...I'm just saying...

tg 037

I got all of the strips glued, along with matching the paper to continue the pattern the entire width of the breadbox.

tg 041

Then I scratched the white paint plan and went with a glossy black...

breadbox 004

Love it.



If you want other ideas on how to fancy-up your things with mod podge, visit mod podge rocks!


  1. That is awesome! And your papa was a bread man!
    Love, Dad

  2. I love this!! I have a breadbox sitting around the I picked up at a thrift shop last summer - always intending to do something fabulous to it. You've just inspired me. :-)

  3. You amaze me more and more!!!! When I become rich (famous may or may not be included) I'm going to hire you to be my personal shopper, seamstress, interior decorator, and crafter! :-D

  4. How pretty you have made it! When you get done with it you can attach some legs on it and turn it into a little desk for your kiddies..just an idea :o) You are so crafty.

  5. Loved your choice of black to make the damask pop. You transformed a dated , nondescript, boring breadbox into a jewel that would ice the cake of any kitchen! As a redesigner/homestager I am always searching for ways to create spaces that are current but not costly by reusing my clients' furnishings. Thanks for helping me expand my inventory of ideas.

  6. That is so lovely and could really be applied to a lot of other things as well.

  7. That looks wonderful, how long did it take you? Your children are so cute! Hugs, Cindy S.

  8. Wow. I love this. Seriously. I'm in need of a breadbox myself and this is to die for!

  9. Cute! Enjoy your time off... the kids' pics are lovely!

  10. How do you do it kat- amazing!!! love karen

  11. Wow that is a work of art. I love damask, so you got me right away. Great job.

  12. I love it!! Love the damask, love that you took the time to match the pattern carefully, love the glossy black. Two thumbs up! :o)

  13. That's just amazing. I, too, never got the point of a breadbox. Now I want one just because it's pretty. :O)

  14. I LOVE this.....i have a desk thingy that is basicly a HUGE version of your breadbox and i wanted to mod-podge it but wasnt sure how to go about i know! Just a quick question....did you end up using scrapbook paper or wrapping paper?

  15. Hoppin around your blog and I just love this, everything about it...the color, choice of paper. It is beautiful! Wrapping paper or scrap book? I have one of these sitting in my garage and I was going to turn on the tube but now I am off to prime. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  16. I wanted to show you that you inspired me and I made my own :) I put a link back to give you the credit :)

  17. Love this! I have that same breadbox & think it needs a face lift. Found you from Tiffany's breadbox post. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting