Monday, November 16, 2009

Emily's Baby Shower

Finally, baby shower season is underway.

I attended a shower for my cousin Katie. She is expecting little Eliza Annette in five short weeks!

ottoman 051

Anna Jane and I hosted a party for Emily at our house on Sunday. It was very well attended and everyone was so excited about her soon-to-be teeny daughter.

I was too busy to take many photos. Most were taken before the party actually started. Anna Jane designated herself the "server" and passed out cake and plastic cups to anyone willing to accept one.


Wilson and Dave gathered some camillia blossoms from the yard to put in the silver julep cups from our wedding rehearsal dinner. The first batch they brought in had no stems. I'm so happy for the mistake, I would never thought of this:

ottoman 052

ottoman 054

Emily and Todd filled their car with more sweet, pink goodies for Baby Duncan (or Baby Dumpling, as Anna Jane calls her sometimes).

ottoman 064

We can't wait for her arrival in January!

ottoman 062


  1. It was the best shower ever!!! Thank you for everything...I can't meet for our daughter to meet her fabulous Aunt Katherine!!!

  2. Yoour decorations are amazing! I love Anna Jane's sign too. The Piano and congratulations sign could be in a magazine!!