Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am guiltily aware that there are no signs of Christmas or New Year's on my blog. No red and green decorations, no glittery crafts, no kid-friendly kitchen activities...Rest assured, those things did take place. I just wasn't able to dedicate myself fully to the season and record at the same time. In the back of my mind, I heard a voice trying to convince me to take step-by-step photos of every little creative adventure. But the mom in me said no. I wanted to fully enjoy all of my activities with my kids and not worry about getting enough photos to be able to re-create the scene for you. And at the end of the night, instead of typing up Christmas wishes and memories for you, I wanted to watch Clark Griswold and his fam for the upteenth time. My favorite part is when he cuts into the holiday turkey and it hisses like an old balloon...that's how Dave cooks chicken.

But I did want to show a couple of highlights.

The LOTS that we had...

We had lots of snow




About 6 inches or so. Which is a lot for us, especially this early in the year. We got out of school a little early to start our Winter Break.

We took lots of pictures for our Christmas card.


Thank heavens for digital cameras. A half hour later and I still didn't have any useable shots. I came this close to sending this one out of Henry attacking Anna Jane and Wilson with a candy cane. Luckily my dear friend Jessica came to the rescue and took perfect photos a few days later.

Lots of warmth by the fire at Granna and Grandpa's house

Picture 008

Lots of little felted wool Christmas trees

Picture 015

I love finding beautiful ornament ideas that I can make for family and friends. I found sweaters at goodwill and followed these directions for making these adorable trees.

Lots of hair gel


He thought he looked tough. I thought he looked like a cast member from Leave it to Beaver. But yeah, I told him he looked tough.

Lots of excitement


Anna Jane's kindergarten class sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer during their holiday party. Wilson and I attended. It was ADORABLE.

Lots of brothers and sisters


My mom and her brothers and sister, Dave's brother and sister....missed my sister, but she's about to burst with a baby, so we will have to wait another few days to see her. Can't wait!

Lots of time with Nana and Papa


Lots of ballerinas


My mom took Anna Jane to Raleigh to see the Nutcracker ballet and meet some of the dancers. My sister's mother-in-law invited them to the event which included decorating gingerbread cookies and collecting autographs.

Lots of cookbooks


So far the best recipe has come from Texas Tables, published by the Junior League of of North Harris and South Montgomery Counties, Inc. Lots of the photographs in the book were taken at my aunt and uncle's house in Cypress, Texas.

Lot of surprises

Picture 053

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this gift from my friend Lindsey. Just goes to prove....there is someone out there reading my blog!!

And speaking of my blog, there was a bit (if not lots) of blog love...
Amy of

posted my breadbox on her site on the day after Christmas.

And a fabulous local resource, Triad Smarty Pants mentioned me in their article entitled Year of the Mommy Blogger. Even if you are not local, I suggest you check out some of the articles. This one is my fav so far.

We also shed lots of tears in these past few weeks. We said goodbye to my dad's uncle, John Tatum, Dave's grandmother, Memaw, Wilson's classmate, Errol, and a former neighbor, Eloise Johnson.

It's a new year and we are ready for more lots. Lots of fun recipes, photographs, sewing projects, blog posts, family get-togethers, and bonding with friends.
I'd also like lots of followers, so if you know of anyone who might enjoy reading, please pass along my link. I'm glad you are out there! It has been fun to share with friends, family, and yes, even strangers! Once you comment on the blog, you are no longer considered a stranger, so tell me who you are, or how you found me, or what you think!

My 100th post is in the very near future....I know lots of bloggers celebrate this with a giveaway. I've only done one so far...what do you think? Worth doing?

LOTS of love!


  1. Hey I work with you and read your blog, so I up for any freebies!LOL

    Always a joy to read your thoughts and see what amazing things you have accomplished. You truly are a remarkable and talented person!

  2. Hello! I went to high school with Emily. I LOVE your blog and check it often for updates. You are so creative. BTW- I think you have the cutest kids!!!!
    - Luisa

  3. Now Luisa, let's not go throwing about superlatives like 'cutest kids' just days before I'm suppose to birth my own child! Hehe but they are pretty darn cute, aren't they?!
    Katherine, I missed your blogging over Christmas but it was well worth the wait! I love your post...It brought multiple smiles to my face, if that's possible! Hopefully I can provide you with pictures of my little one, soon, that you can post as well!