Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Lullaby for Molly

My sister had a baby today. Her name is Molly Champion Duncan.


My first niece!

They are 5 hours away. Too far for an after-work visit, so I have to wait until Friday. It's killing me.

Emily and Todd are big fans of being prepared. And planning. Here is a recent post from Todd on facebook:

Emily and I are both sort of obsessive planners. so not knowing when this baby is going to get in gear and show up is driving us kinda crazy.

Emily started a blog a few months ago with several of her friends who were all expectant mothers. They share their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and new mom experiences. It's called Sweet Tea and Strollers. The group of women (4 of them already mothers) have tried to prepare themselves and others reading for the joys and surprises of having a baby.

Emily asked a few weeks ago for suggestions on what to pack in her hospital bag.
She already had a loooonnnnggg list of items to include. Knowing Emily and Todd, they were not lacking a thing when they arrived at the hospital.

But I did think of one thing that they might not have packed for Molly on her first night. So I'm sending it to them...I bet they didn't pack Molly her first lullaby.

This is my favorite lullaby, by James Taylor. No one can sing it like he can, so I asked him if he would perform for Molly tonight. He said yes, of course. And if the 3 members of the Duncan family need anymore reason to move closer to home, I know of another song in particular that he can sing after he puts Molly to sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Molly. I'm so excited to see you that I could burst into pieces...

Love, Auntie Katherine


  1. oh I love the name molly and it suites her sweet angel face!! Give her great big kisses!!

  2. Molly loved her first lullaby!

  3. Ohhhhh, so sweet!! This post made me cry! So happy for your fam!

  4. She looks like you and your family! Congrats! Rachel