Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Snowing Is Great For...

Winter Sewing!

Santa Claus brought Anna Jane a sewing machine for Christmas. I know I'm late announcing that. Christmas Day was spent at her teeny little machine. My mom had given her a little sewing basket with needed supplies the day before, and I had some fabric ready so that we could get started as soon as she wanted to.

I gave her several options to choose from as far as first projects go. A skirt, a drawstring backpack, a Barbie doll sleeping bag, or a stuffed animal. I was certain she would pick the skirt. She didn't. She picked the stuffed animal.

It was actually a last minute brainstorm as I was heading into the playroom with a handful of fabric. I'm so glad I thought of it. Here is her final product:

And the back:

She used Sharpie markers to draw and embelish the cat. Whose name by the way, is Puffy.

Wilson liked the idea so much that he wanted to make one as well. When I asked what kind of stuffed animal he wanted to make, he said "A Daddy."

A Stuffed Daddy. He's even got glasses on. The resemblance is remarkable.

I didn't take photos of our process because I wanted to enjoy the moment and not worry about capturing every step. Since we had 8 inches of snow and a little bit of a bronchitisy cold today, Anna Jane and I made another stuffed animal and photographed like crazy!

She chose to make a seashell. Not a stuffed animal, I guess.

The first step was making a pattern. You could freehand the object like she did with Puffy. We made a paper pattern so that I could introduce the process of pinning a pattern and cutting. She has a nightgown pattern waiting for her to improve her skills, so this pattern was in preparation for bigger things...


The first step was setting up her wrist pin cushion. It was certainly the most important part of the entire afternoon.


Then she pinned the pattern to the selected fabric: a purple quilter's cotton donated by Nana.



She cut two layers of the fabric, following the pattern.


She pinned the two pieces of fabric right-sides together with her sweet little fingers.


She slowly "drove" the fabric through the machine. Only practice and a bossy mom who thinks she knows everything about sewing will help perfect her skills. She's improving rather rapidly I think.



The concentration required is immeasurable.


She left a few inches unsewn so that she could turn the seashell right-side out.


She stuffed it with polyfill that Bobbie Quack sent over the other day.


Behold the seashell:


I stitched up the opening and now it's ready to burst with a mermaid, according to Anna Jane. It was an exhausting day of sewing. The only thing that keep Anna Jane going was a mouthful of carrots.


And the giggle I got when I pointed out her chipmunk cheeks was the highlight of the afternoon!



  1. This is so fun!! I was hoping Hannah would sew today too, but she said she just wanted to lounge. "What?!" I tried to explain that this was PERFECT sewing weather. She would not be convinced. I am so jealous, that you and Anna Jane were crafting away.

  2. I am so impressed. I hope Anna Jane will make me something, too. Maybe for Mother's Day (or would that be Nana's Day)?

  3. .........and don't forget papa! Love, Papa

  4. I love the cat. HUUUUGE head, iiiiitty bitty body. Love it.

  5. I can't wait until the day my misfits are able to operate a sewing machine :(....would be so much fun!

  6. What a fun idea! And thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm loving keeping up with yours!