Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spools of...

...thread, right?

Well, when my grandmother gave me a very large bag of spools, there was no thread to be found. I don't know how old the spools are. For all I know, they could be from the late 1990s. But I prefer to call them antique. Because they are empty and wooden. That is the definition of antique, right?

sewingroom 005

My plan from the start was to string them and hang them in my sewing space. And then, I actually created a sewing space. So I was ready to hang. Then I got an idea.

This idea came from my love of fabric. My love that is so selfish that I would like to keep all of my fabric because I love it so. This love that makes it so hard for me to give my fabric away, even to make stuff out of it.

Maybe this is the cure!

I took an empty spool and cut a strip of fabric the width of the spool with enough length to wrap all of the way around.

spools 004

No measuring here, just guestimating. Not many of the spools were exactly alike, but if you did have the same sizes, you could use a rotary cutter and cut away with your measurements.

(something funny happens to the color in the next few photos. I want a new camera!!)

Wrap the fabric around:

spools 007

There are so many possibilities for securing the fabric around the spool. I used short straight pins:

spools 007

You could use fabric glue, tape, anything that works because...

spools 013

When you spin it around, no one will know that it didn't just grow onto the spool!

I had so much fun picking out fabrics for the different spools.

Some spools were big

spools 031

Some spools were small

spools 029

Some fabrics were left over from dresses that I made for Anna Jane

spools 027

And some fabrics were new, modern prints that I haven't used yet

spools 026

There were a couple of options for display...

On the same cakestand:

spools 032

On a shelf with some antique milkglass (I know these glasses are not wooden, so they contradict the aforementioned definition of antique, but these are antique):

spools 014

And the original plan, the spool garland:

spools 034

I actually think I like this arrangement less than the others.

I need help...where do you like them the best? Or do they need a shelf of their own?


  1. I like them on the shelf with the milk glasses!

  2. I love the strand of spools

  3. did you see the treat bags that I sent you a picture of..

  4. http://gazettedubonton.blogspot.com/

  5. I also like them on the shelf with the milk glasses. Teresa :)

  6. I really like them on the little cakestand, but it is probably more practical to have them on the shelf with the milk glass because you get more counter space, and you can never have too much counter space when you are crafting. As usual you are adorable.

  7. Okay, this will make me seem reeaally old, but we had thread on wooden spools through the sixties! That's the NINETEEN sixties. I like them on the shelf the best! I also don't like to share/use my fabric, so I'm going to dig out my old wooden spools now!
    We missed you last night, but talked about you and AJ! Martha

  8. What happened to the box with all the other spools that actually had thread on it? I think I would put some in there and on the shelf.

  9. I have a ton of those things with thread still on them, but I think I might take it off and do fabric now. Mine are crammed in an old mason jar.

  10. Ooo, I've been saving my spools for something I wasn't sure of yet. Now I know! And I have fabric strips left over from my quilt - perfect! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  11. Love them on the shelf! Great idea!

  12. Bridget mentioned a mason jar above. I think if you could find a bog glass jar these would look awesome inside! I would use clusters of them in different places. Share the love so to speak! :)

  13. *blush*

    BIG glass jar. Not bog. Jeez, I need more coffee :-/

  14. Cute! Do you have curtains in that room? You could always divide the spool garland in half (or however many segments you might need) and use them as curtain tie-backs (??)

  15. Oh, I like them on the shelf.. They look too cute!

  16. Great idea! I inherited some wooden spools too. They're precious.

  17. I like the garland but think it should maybe go up to the light and then back down so you have 2 sweeps. Does that make sense? So it hangs like "UU"? I need to post a doodle of it?!

    Love the fabric choices!

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  19. ooo, do tell what anonymous said. must've been juicy or obscene for you to delete it!

  20. Drooooooll. LOVE those. I especially love your crafty space too....lots of inspiration!!