Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creativity Wins

And it usually does, thank goodness.

In this case it was the battle between what I should be doing and what I really wanted to do.

I have quite the deadline coming up at work next week. One that has been on the calendar for an ENTIRE YEAR. Talk about a buildup of stress. No gory details here, but if you really want to here.

So in case you haven't noticed (hey mom and dad), I haven't posted anything creative lately. I've restrained myself from sewing or funituring as my deadline has been screaming at me to GET IT DONE ALREADY.

And my head is swimming. So I decided that I needed to take a little break and work on a few things for Easter. For the first time, I did not make the kid's new smocked Easter outfits.

If I had a photo of a knife through my heart, I would have inserted it here.

But...I planned a coordinating set of outfits, because...well, because it's Easter and if you're going to match your kids' outfits, this is the time to do it.

I ordered a little necktie pattern and made two little neckties for my Wilson and my Henry out of Anna Jane's dress fabric.


It was so great and so cute and so quick that I made two more for them to wear to church today.

creativity 031

My description of Wilson and his untucked look is not unlike a young frat boy showing up for his volunteer duties after a rough night. Dave preferred a comparison to a Chris Farley character. Either one, loveable in his own way.

And when you consider that they (not me, they) all slept like this last night:

creativity 018

it's a wonder he doesn't look any rougher than he does.

creativity 020

Anna Jane would not ever understand if she wasn't included in our picture making time so here is her "running" pose:

creativity 036

I kid you not. She was standing still and said "Take this picture of me running." I see a career in catalog modeling coming our way.

And what I really wanted to work on, before I got distracted by little guy neckties, I did not get to finish. But here is a sneak peek:

creativity 039

I can't wait until next week so that the sewing will always win. Until something else comes up...


  1. Molly is so excited about her sneak peak!!!! I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!!!!

  2. Creativity always wins! I'll remember Anna Jane next time I need a model...

  3. hey, Katie! And to think I couldn't get you anywhere near a needle and thread growing up!! Love, mom

  4. Hey I am so proud of you for doing national boards! It such a huge undertaking, but you (and your teaching) are definitely worth it. I feel your pain on the non smocked outfits, I had to go store bought the year I had surgery! can't wait to see what you are cooking up now... Also.. did you get one of those machines that embroiders?

  5. I absolutely love the neckties !! Can't wait to see the finished projects for everyone else :)


  6. Those are amazing!! Love them Katherine :) The fabric is fabulous!!

  7. Isn't that the easiest, funnest pattern ever?! Your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing. I have to admit, I don't need Easter as an excuse to coordinate my kids. lol