Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Buckets

We had the most fabulous Easter trip. Even the 8 hour car ride went smoothly. I would love to show you lots and lots of photographs of my kids at the zoo, my cousins cooking out, our indoor egg hunt, dinner out at Hot and Hot Fish Club....but my camera is broken. Dead, I think. With no immediate hopes of a replacement.

So I borrowed a few of Emily's facebook photos to show you my latest sewing love:

The Easter Bucket

boys buckets

I made four of these bucket liners to fit 10 quart galvanized pails. And with all of the Easter loot that Dave's mom the Easter bunny delivered on Sunday morning, a little basket certainly would not have held it all.


I even made one for my Molly's first Easter. Can you imagine waking up to an Easter bucket filled with such a cute Cadbury bunny?

molly's bucket

The possibilities of fabric combinations and cute trims are endless. That's really my favorite part. And Anna Jane's liner has pockets on the inside to keep her barbies or hairbows or the countless tubes of lipstick and gloss and eyeshadow that she took from Mary and Lia crayons.

You can also keep sewing or knitting supplies or gardening tools or, well, the possibilities are endless here as well. I am taking some to my first craft show in Chapel Hill next month. Actually, I'm tagging along and adding some of my things to my unbelieveably artistic friend, Elizabeth's booth. I'm so nervous and excited. Not sure how many to take, or how much to charge or how to market them. Hopefully I will finally get my etsy shop up and running if there is a good reception at the craft show. If you are around the triangle on May 1st, please come shopping!