Sunday, May 2, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

You might not have noticed, but I've been mostly gone from the blog for what seems to be a very long time. In fact, if it had not been for my three babies' birthdays, I probably would not have posted at all in the last few months. Super busy, super busy. We all are, I know.

As this weekend comes to an end, I am able to breathe again. The most recent of my commitments has come and gone. The weeks leading up to the Whimsical Women's craft show were full of cutting and stitching and creating and gluing and sealing and tagging and worrying.

I got a lot of good feedback on what I took. Not a lot sold, but according to all of the craft-show-pros, spring markets are not big money makers. The holiday markets are where it's at. Thanks to this opportunity, I have scored a booth at the fall market which is a pretty big deal.

Here are a few shots of my half of the booth:


I took fabric bucket liners, fabric button rings, little neckties, and organizers. I also hung a quilted letter banner, hoping to generate some interest in custom work.



I do think that interest was generated, I gave my etsy address* to quite a few shoppers. Anna Jane also sold some of her artwork:


She took some of her tissue paper flower art. It really is beautiful. She was such a trooper during the 8 hours of very hot weather that we spent at the show. But as a mature six-year-old, she did not waste a minute whining. She very thoughtfully spent her $5 of birthday money and created some recycled art at the kids' craft table.

I was so proud to have space in a booth with my very talented friend Elizabeth. She is incredibly artistic and took a variety of items to sell. Her jewelry is made from mostly recycled materials and absolutely flew out of the booth. My favorites of all of her work are the stunning birdhouses:


Her up-and-coming etsy shop is about to fill with beautiful jewelry, so stop by in the next week or so and see what she has to offer.

We spent the night with my dear friend Lindsey B, who has been one of my very best since we were 14 years old. Anna Jane loves her so much, she convinced Lindsey to share her bed with Anna Jane. I think it was the mountain of strawberries and aerosol whipped topping and sprinkles with a flaming candle that just sent Anna Jane's opinion of Lindsey through the clouds. On the way to the show on Saturday morning, Anna Jane declared her dislike for "Chapel Hills" because she wanted to stay with Lindsey in Raleigh. We hope to change her mind on that before she graduates from high school and heads to college. We can't handle having a Wolfpacker in our family.

I am already looking forward to the show on Thanksgiving weekend. I have plans for more items and greater displays. I will get all of the details as the date gets closer. On the immediate front, I am looking forward to resting in the afternoons and evenings and not sewing every minute of the day. I do love it, but it will be nice to concentrate on other things for a while and just sew when I feel like it.

*if you clicked on my etsy address link, you know that there is nothing listed in the shop! For some reason, I feel very intimidated by the entire process. But because I gave my address to so many people this weekend, I must list a few things. I have one item halfway listed, it's just waiting on photographs. I will be begging for help in the next couple of days. I need feedback on my descriptions as soon as I start listing. And I will need buyers of course, as well! Spread the word!


  1. your booth is so awesome!! I can't believe that you are taking on another commitment you are so brave!! I feel your pain on the etsy shop, I signed up for one months and months ago and can't wrap my mind around it. Did you get a new camera? I do have a very nice camera if you need to use it for product shots for your shop. Congrats on your new success!!

  2. Some of Anna Jane's artwork sure would make a nice father's day present for Papa. Love, Papa