Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garden Party Headband

I love the way that Anna Jane's birthday party headband turned out and it was very easy. You can make one too!

We had fabric covered headbands left over from making our Halloween costumes.

A few years ago my Aunt Elizabeth gave Anna Jane a beautiful, not-tacky door curtain that was not annoying to walk through every time you entered her room (if I knew html code for "sarcasm," I would have applied it here). It was similar to this:

photo courtesy of hearthsong

But pink and covered in roses and purple flowers.

I embellished the glass tea cups from the party with a few of these pink roses and pulled the rest off to make this headband.


I took the rose apart and discarded the plastic pieces:


It's still amazing to me that these cheap synthetic roses looked so beautiful when taken apart and reassembled.

I tried the headband on Anna Jane to decide on the placement of the flowers. I liked them all to one side, so I glued the largest of the petal layers on with hot glue.


Glue the other layers on, one at a time.


In the middle, I glued on a flower shaped pearl button, left over from my heirloom sewing days.


I planned on two roses, but squeezed another half of one at the bottom after I tried it on Anna Jane's sweet head. I only used the top few layers so that it wouldn't take up quite so much room.


Garden Party Perfect.

If you're not fond of the glue gun, visit my etsy shop and you can buy a garden party headband for yourself or your daughter.


  1. Love it! I would love to have you link this up at my blog.

  2. Hi! I'm featuring this today for Flower Week!