Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I NEED Your Feedback!

So really, this is all YOUR fault. You are so nice and encouraging and always begging me to sell my wares. But I cannot do this on my own. Please visit my etsy shop and tell it like you see it.

How are the descriptions? How are the photos? (really, I know the answer to that one. if you can give me some advice on how to resize photos to fit without losing every speck of clarity, I need that advice. desperately.)

What did I forget to say? Is there anything that I could have said to make you more likely to buy it?

I am stepping (however lightly) on the gas pedal with this eventual sewing enterprise, and I want to do it as best as I can. I know I can sew, but I can't necessarily market. Or describe. Or photograph. So help me sell. I have only listed two things so far, but wanted a bit of feedback before I spend many more hours on this process. If you are worried about embarrassing me in front of my friends, shoot me an email. I can take it. kaelle78(at)yahoo(dot)com

I dropped off a couple of things at a boutique in Charlotte yesterday and today I got confirmation from the owner that she will let me be a vender!

I'm doing this. Please give me feedback so that I can do it right!


  1. I'm telling you those buckets are so cute!!

    There does appear to be some pixelling on the frontal pics where the bucket is on the chair, but I have no idea how to fix that, or resize pics because now I am a mac user. I have noticed that when they pull photos for their front display the are super plain muted colors.

    It might be nice to have a picture with it in your cutesy space holding magazines or a knitting project or something (burp cloths and onesies perhaps?) you may want to add tags about nursery decor, new baby gift, Picnic basket?

    Your fabric choices are fabulous, you are going to be wildly successful!!

  2. awesome! I love the bucket liners and the organizer. You are very talented! I too am not sure about the photos, we use a Mac too. What kind of camera did you use? pixels of the camera?

  3. 5 words: Don't forget us when you're famous. ;)

  4. Ilike the idea of merchandising the buckets with something in them even if it's the picture of Molly. Show it being used with a boxwood!

    Love, Dad

  5. Beautiful things! You must be excited. A few things we learned from online business...clear pictures (some of yours are fuzzy for me) and measurements. It probably would be good to have the measurements of the organizer listed - people always want to know what size something is. Good luck! Sandy

  6. I would love to get you to make some things for Laine. She is going to have professional pictures done at the beach this summer and I would really like a dress with her name or monogram on it. I am also trying to find a cute pacifier clip (preferably personalized as well) and some kind of "diaper clutch" that can be taken in and out of a purse and/or diaper bag. Do these sound like things you could do? I love all of the things I've seen that you've made!