Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our First Father's Day Card


I had lots of free time on my hands and no digital camera. We spent many hours taking photos 6 short years ago. I placed Anna Jane on a white bedsheet and spread out a few refrigerator magnets to spell this new phrase. There were probably two rolls of film developed with variations of this same pose.

It's one of my favorite creations. The girl and the card and the husband who was now a father.


  1. Her hair was so dark!!! You are such a great mom.. I just keep getting him an ipod.

  2. Great picture! Great Father's Day card! One that will always be remembered. Love, Papa

  3. Hard to believe that's the same little girl who is so very blonde now! I remember that picture well, though.

  4. Couldn't believe the little blondie had hair that dark, either! Such a sweet idea!