Monday, July 26, 2010

Embroidery to Fit a Frame

A few weeks ago, we held a rummage sale at work to raise money for a friend in need. I found quite a few things to buy, including a beautiful antique frame that I planned on painting white and hanging in Anna Jane's room.

As it sat in my house, waiting for me to attack it with spray paint, I changed my mind. I picked up some linen for half price (lots of fabrics on sale right now!).


I picked out a favorite verse and printed it in a pretty font:


I cut the phrases out and arranged them on the fabric, using the frame as a guide:


There could be better ways to transfer images onto fabric, but here is how I do it...Using a pencil, cover the back of the text with a layer of pencil lead:


Then turn the paper over and place the scribbled side on the fabric, exactly where you would like the text to appear. Using a sharp pencil, trace the letter, pressing hard so that the pencil scribble underneath will transfer to the fabric.




If this strains your eyes, you can go over it again with the pencil directly on the fabric. Then use your favorite embroidery stitch:



I loved spending time embroidering's been a long time since I've embroidered anything. When Anna Jane wore little fancy dresses, I would embroider them with shadow-work, and I used to monogram her little clothes by hand. I also embroidered hankerchiefs for each of the attendants in my wedding. I wish I had taken photographs of each of them. I picked out designs for each attendant based on their personality and style. Forget taking pictures, I wish I had kept them all for myself!

This took a little time, but what is really taking most of my time....?


Pleats for the dining room chairs were a good choice, but I'm pinning from morning until night. It might help a little if I knew what I was doing and not making it all up as I go along. I will be quite tired proud when this project is wrapped up. And will have to invite over many more friends for dinner to make the project worth it!


  1. As a recipient of one of those hankerchiefs, I'll say that I'm very glad that you didn't keep them all for yourself. I have carried mine to every wedding I've been to since. And no, none of them are as special as yours, but the hankerchief always reminds me of how truly special weddings are. I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of yours. :)

  2. get you some transfer paper, woman! It's basically like paper covered in pencil lead. You just put it between your paper and your fabric and draw away. it'll transfer just like your lead technique without so much "coloring" with a pencil. It comes in rolls like saran wrap and you can reuse it until all the "lead" wears off.

    The embroidery is gorgeous!

  3. You know how much I live your embroidery! I use a light box with the pattern under the fabric to trace my design. We also have a new film that will work with your printer or copy machine. No tracing necessary! Martha

  4. So glad I found your site. It's wonderful! I also really love this project. The favorite verse of yours happens to be one of my favorites, too. Jon Foreman sings it so beautifully in "House of God Forever." We used it for our wedding! Ever heard it?