Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ruffles or Knife Pleats?

We returned from almost two weeks of being out of to follow.

I jumped out of bed this morning and frantically tried to put my to-do list in some sort of order. I never seem to get done what I think I will over the summer, but I have a few weeks left to try.

I have been wanting to overhaul my dining room, so I got started a little on my chairs today. These chairs and my dining room table belonged to my great-grandparents. My mom covered them with a blue and white plaid and I covered them with a pink and yellow stripe when I moved into my first house. They looked adorable in my yellow living room, but they are long overdue for an upgrade.


Because any chair that will be pulled under a table is bound to be spilled upon, I'm going with a slipcover. And because you can bleach anything out of white fabric, I'm going with a white slipcover. And because I love ruffly, fancy things, I'm going with a white, ruffly slipcover.

I used some scrap fabric to make a little practice slipcover. My chair has quite a few rails and a wide back, so I wanted a trial run to make sure it fit just like I wanted. Then I added the ruffle to make sure it was the right length.

Then I thought that maybe it looks like a pillowcase.

dining room chairs (1)

I will be using a much heavier white cotton duck fabric, so the resemblance to a pillowcase shouldn't be as strong on the real thing. But just for fun, I made a strip of knife pleats and pinned it in place on top of the ruffle.


What do you think? Do you have a preference? Does it look much different?


Knife Pleats?

Please dicuss, keeping in mind that the final product will be heavier. And ironed.


  1. I like the knife pleats.

  2. Love the pleats. They look fabulous. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

  3. I like the knife pleats! You are so talented and are making me feel lazy! :)

  4. I love the knife pleats too. you are so brave to have uphostery in the dining room!! Will you do a larger pleat in the corner or just keep in uniform the whole way around? I can hardly wait!!

  5. another vote for knife pleats

  6. I vote knife pleats! Where in NC are you? I'm also in NC...Go Pirates!