Monday, August 9, 2010

Meatless Monday - Coconut Rice and Beans

Eating less meat does not have to mean eating all carbs and not getting enough protein. There is protein in vegetables, whole wheat pasta, nuts, beans...

And of course we all know (don't we?) that when eaten together, rice and beans make a complete protein. It is a perfect main dish for a family dinner, my kids ate 2 plates of it last night (which is why there are no photos!).

I cook with coconut milk for quite a few of our favorite recipes. I always buy the lite coconut milk in the asian section of our grocery store.

Coconut Rice and Beans

2 cans red kidney beans

1 1/2 cups long grain basmati rice

1 can lite coconut milk

That's it. 3 ingredients. A totally satisfying entree, super cheap and super healthy!

Drain and rinse the kidney beans and place in a medium pot. Turn the heat to medium and add rice and coconut milk to the pot of beans. Simmer with the lid on for 20 minutes. Check the rice. You may have to add water if the milk is absorbed but the rice is not completely cooked. On the other hand, if the rice is soft but there is still milk in the pot, raise the heat and boil uncovered until the rice is creamy but no longer soupy. Season with salt and pepper.

We eat this with corn spoon pudding and some sauteed spinach. It's a filling meatless meal without overloading on the carbs. Easy enough to pull together tonight!

And because posts are no fun without photos, here is what happens when you ask 3 kids of mine and one of my sister's to smile for the camera:



  1. Sounds great and is gluten free too!

  2. haha that is one of my favorite photos! i just printed it out to frame!