Monday, August 16, 2010

More on Bham

So really, eating at Chez Fonfon wasn't our main reason for driving to Birmingham this past weekend. Contrary to most of the photos and comments on this post, food in general wasn't the main reason for the trip. Though we did start the weekend with this:


Oh My. That little yummy filled plastic container was good reason to keep us there for the rest of the weekend!

We delivered Will's birthday present, a freshly upholstered armchair that is a bit more reflective of his personality than the previous bright floral fabric was.


We spruced up a bit (well, just me) and headed to Chez Fonfon, a swanky little bistro responsible for last night's Fried Green Tomato dish. And yes, I did hit on Frank Stitt at the bar at Highlands, and it was the best 2 1/2 minutes of my culinary career.

The next day we toured Birmingham and had a really relaxing day without video games and diapers and juice boxes and temper tantrums. But we did miss our kisses and snuggles and storytimes and pancakes.

We moved some furniture around to make room for the new focal point of the den:


And while we were moving the living room couch, we found a chocolate filled Easter egg.

photos (2)

Guess we overlooked that on our indoor Easter Egg hunt this past spring!

I spent most of Saturday evening showing Will how to impress his friends with homemade pasta.


Here Will displays one of my gnocchi noodles:


The intense anger and jealousy you see on his face is due to the fact that his noodle came out like this:


And actually, that's only half of his noodle. He only made one and it was twice that long, breaking with embarrassment when it saw how puny it was next to the ones I made.

We left Will and his birthday chair and sped along to retrieve our children who missed us not a bit. Can't wait for our next road trip. And fancy meal!


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