Monday, September 6, 2010

Meatless Monday Recipe Collection and a Giveaway!

I've gotten a good response from Meatless Monday so far. Lots of people are incorporating at least one meatless day into their week. And are happy about it!
I'm having fun trying new recipes and sharing the good ones with you. I know that you probably have some recipes too that would improve our Meatless Monday lives, so let's share!

Last year I organized submitted recipes from readers and each reader who gave me a recipe got access to everyone else's recipe...kind of a prize for participating! This year's recipe collection will be your favorite meatless main dish. I'm going to include several (or lots) of my recipes that have made my family super-happy at meal time.

If you want to participate in the recipe exchange, email me a meatless recipe by September 15: kaelle78(at)yahoo(dot)com

I will send out reminders between now and then.Take one of my broccoli buttons from the sidebar to let your blog readers know what's for dinner on Monday!

Share the idea of cutting back on meat in your diet with your friends and family. Choose one day a week and make it meatless. Save the world. Direct all you know to my blog and we could end up with a collection of really yummy dinners to serve on Meatless Monday (or Thursday or...everyday...).

And one more thing: I've been reading Food Matters, the book I mentioned a while back by Mark Bittman. If we can hit 100 followers of the blog, I will giveaway one of these books on September 15th. Tell me your favorite vegetable in the comment section and you will be entered to win. Tell me you are a follower and you will be entered twice. Become a follower and you will also be entered twice. (Let me know how to contact you if you win! Especially if you are anonymous!)

Mmmmm. I love to eat.


  1. My favorite veggie is a sweet potato and I am a follower!!!!

  2. my favorite veggie is asparagus and we love your blog in michigan

  3. Broccoli and lima beans are my favorite veggies and I am a blog follower at Lake Norman!

  4. My favorite veggie is probably fresh green beans... or maybe squash.

  5. I love fresh tomatoes and avacados!!!

    (Ok Cat... I don't know how to sign in as me- I know I am a "follower" now. Technology- blllllek!)
    Karen Simmons

  6. new follower - artichoke is my favorite veggie