Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Am Happy

I am happy about my experience at the Flaunt Handmade event this past weekend. It was the first one and there will almost certainly be another. There were lots of people interested in both shopping and selling.

I took a few photos as I was setting up and then forgot to take any more, so here is a peek at my little booth:


My super friend Elizabeth grabbed us this corner spot and it was perfect for us. We had a nice corner where I could hang my two longest banners:


And a flat plaster wall behind me that let me stick my little pushpins in like a piece of cake!


I got orders for a few custom banners. I love those.


I sold quite a few of these organizers. I can't wait to make more. And if they don't sell, that's okay. I can use all of them!


I also sold some little neckties. They are usually one of my best sellers.



The fabric covered button rings are also popular sellers. A few middle school girls, cute as pie, each bought one. I gave them all a few of my cards to pass around school!



Speaking of cards...I haven't had professional cards made yet. I can't commit to a "logo" so I don't feel like spending money on something that I'm not completely happy with.


I cut these out with a little flower shaped punch. They are small, but everyone seemed to really like them. They were also a hit with little children, who often wanted to take things from each booth, but had to turn away empty handed if their mom didn't buy anything. So I charmed the under 7 crowd.


One shopper spent quite a bit of time deciding which bucket liner she wanted to buy to put in one of her antique galvanized buckets. She took a card and told me she would contact me about a custom bucket, and as she was turning to leave, she saw this one:


Check out her blog to see what she did when she got the bucket liner home. Then check out the rest of her blog to see what an amazing, creative quilter and applique-er she is! I am so honored to hear someone with her obvious talent complementing my workmanship!

I had enough positive feedback that I have energy left for the next two shows, though it did take quite a bit of ice cream and lounging on the couch for me to recover.

Got some great photos to show you soon. And a Meatless Monday recipe! Don't go far!


  1. Hi Katherine,
    so glad you did well. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I had your link wrong on my blog but I went through and as I was replying to the comments sent them the correct link. I hope you get more orders. Glad to help you out.

  2. I did correct the link on my blog too. I really need to start checking the links myself once I post. Sorry about that but all know the correct one.

  3. Great Job! Thanks for the shout out to Mema! She is smiling for you! Love, Dad