Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Quick Story

I know I've been gone for a very long time...I really hoped you missed me. Or at least noticed that I've been gone.

I have some great things to photograph and show you...and some upcoming craft shows to warn notify you about, but really quickly...

Last week Anna Jane had a spelling test.

Let me recreate it for you:

spelling test

She wrote her name at the top in teeny tiny 1st grade handwriting:

spelling test

Then she drew a long arrow from the side of the paper towards her name:

spelling test

Where she left her teacher a little note:

spelling test

It was one of those situations where your attempt to convince her that what she has done is wrong, is overshadowed by your uncontrollable laughter.

She gets it honestly, I once turned in a social studies report written entirely in yellow highlighter. I was honestly unaware of why my teacher called my mom in for a parent-teacher conference.

I'll keep my ears open for the phone to ring and try not to laugh out loud at Anna Jane's classwork.