Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween for Kids

Halloween costume decisions were pretty funny this year.


Anna Jane made her decision early and stuck to it. She was a vampire-cheerleader. Yes. You read that right.

The cartoon world has jumped on the vampire bandwagon with "Monster High," a little webshow that has produced toys and tv movies and a 6-year-old who wants to dress like Draculaura.

The best part of the costume decision was that our only expense was the adult knee socks that we turned into super-cool leggings.


Well, we *did* have to buy the black nail polish and blood red lipstick, but every household should have those things on hand for emergencies, right?

Wilson was totally pumped about being the red Power Ranger this year. We lucked out and became proud owners of a hand-me-down costume. He wore it to school and slept in it several times during the month before Halloween.

As of 3:30pm on Halloween afternoon, the Power Ranger costume was hanging on the back of the couch, waiting for a night on the town. At 5:20pm we left home without a Power Ranger.


Everytime I held the camera up, he made this face. He is so funny.

And the most costume drama came from Henry. We kept his options open...Superman or Batman. 'Cause those costumes were already in the playroom.

He went back and forth, which was fine because neither one would take any planning or running around town for last minute costumes on my part.

Then, two days before Halloween, he decided he would be a zombie. I know, I know. Two year olds really shouldn't know what zombies are. But mine does.

So Dave turned Henry's sweet little face into a zombie. The next hour or so was filled with tantrums unrelated to Halloween and totally related to not napping. He refused every costume offer and ended up picking out a shirt from his dresser.


It kind of worked out. Nobody had any idea that he started as a superman/zombie. He looked more like a football player whose eye black has smeared.

We visited the old neighborhood and collected a bit of candy.


And yes, that is at 6am the next morning. And yes, I let them eat a piece of candy for breakfast that morning.

And yes, the next afternoon I let them eat every piece of candy they collected on Halloween night. It kept them quiet for 30 minutes and BOOM. Done with Halloween candy. No more asking for "just one more piece," no more candy wrappers ALL OVER the house.

AND YES, my two-year-old knows what a zombie is, I let them eat a bucket of candy in one sitting, and sometimes I let them do anything if it keeps them quiet for a little while.

Maybe next year I will dress for Halloween as a mom who does everything right...I wonder what she looks like?


  1. sounds like fun to me! Let them eat Cake! Or candy... ;)

  2. I think you're a genius! Better to get it out of the way than to have a week plus of begging for the candy...and to have 30 minutes of peace and quiet? Priceless!

  3. As a dental hygienist, I can endorse eating all the candy at one time. Exposing the teeth to sugar at one time is much healthier than exposing them over and over again for hours, days, weeks, months or in Will's case years. Yes, I have found year old candy in his drawers.

  4. love it - that's my new plan for Halloween/Christmas/Easter/Everyday candy. I also find it helps for mom to eat all of the chocolate candy after they go to bed - less to beg for in the morning :)

  5. Love that he knows what a zombie is. My 4-yr. old is obsessed with them!

  6. Kids are enjoying as all are looking fantastic.