Saturday, November 13, 2010

My New Sewing Studio!

Ok, beyond the title I won't lie....I don't have a new sewing studio. But there is a potential sewing studio in the basement.

On his list of Christmas gifts to give to others, Dave wrote at the bottom:

"clean out and paint basement for Kat"

And now that it's written on paper, it must come true, right?

Well, I'm considering it an eventual studio, and I've already gone shopping! And by shopping, I mean window shopping. And by window shopping I mean browsing on the internet.

Take a look at my eventual studio:

wall color:

floor color:

I KNOW, I KNOW!! White walls? Blah. Aqua floors? Dirty in a heartbeat.

There will be enough fabric scraps cluttering the area that will make up for any lack of color on the walls. And I know the floors will get scuffed, but really that's okay with me. There is yucky basement floor down there, and we have no chance of getting new floors, so a couple of coats of floor paint and crossing my fingers for good luck should spruce up the place.

First we need some major pieces of furniture:

I have one worktable, but definitely need another. Larger. In this photo , try to see through all that's going on and focus on the blue worktable.

I love that table. I love that table.

I also need something to hold my fabric. I found this piece of furniture on craigslist last night:

Some white paint....or AQUA!! And it will be beautiful. Perfect to store my fabric.

So those two pieces of furniture will pretty much take up the entire space.

Maybe a little room for accessories...

I need a vintage rustic wooden wall file:

Believe it or not, I do have several orders coming in at a time, so it would be nice to have a place to keep those orders in order. A place with chippy blue paint.

I also need a vintage green wooden utensil tray:

My craigslist hutch will have lots of storage room for notions, scissors, pens, etc. But sometimes you need things right at your fingertips, and this would serve as a place to hold those important things. A place with chippy green paint.

I am trying to be a responsible taxpayer by keeping up with all of my expenses which far outweigh my income. This box just screams "feed me your receipts!!!"

An attractive, inconspicuous place for record keeping. A place with chippy yellow paint.

And this green storage tray....well, ok. I don't know what I would use it for, but it has chippy paint, so I want it.

And of course, I need fabric.

Hampton, VA sewing studio

Other than specially ordered fabric requested by a customer, I have been surviving on my small stash of fabric and leftover scraps from making Anna Jane's clothes.

So all of these things and an extra 10 hours in the day and I have a great little business going on here. Oh yeah, and I'd like a few more customers as well.

Emily and Todd contributed to the sewing studio last week:

So as soon as I get those extra 10 hours in the day, I will figure out how to use this monster and will monogram everything that will hold still. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

So here are my favorite sources, in case you want to design your own space. These sites provide great items, often one of a kind, and in most cases, affordable!

etsy(search through the vintage listings)
goodwill online
hawthorne threads

And for inspiration, you can't beat flickr.

But hey, if we can get this space cleared out and painted, I will make due with what I've got and will be thankful that we've gotten that far!

Can't wait!


  1. Love love love the colors and that worktable is super awesome.. I have something similar size in my garage with a cutting mat on it. Check out.. she has great plans for stuff like that. you should especially check out the stuff she does out of those shipping pallets that are laying around town for free.Including stackable crates and thin bookcases. I don't know how big your basement is, but I also have a really cute vintage shabby chic dresser that needs a new home.

  2. I love the idea of the aqua floors! ANd the vintage feel. A word of caution: if you have a Mac, be careful before you get your embroidery machine. Mine has been a nightmare (and I feel like I did my research all for nothing). If you have a Mac, things can be a bigger disaster. It's been a year since I got mine and I'm just now able to use it! Hopefully your process will be much easier than mine. :)

  3. This is so fun! I love the idea of the HUGE hutch. Just a wee bit of time and elbow grease, and that puppy will be perfect for storage. While not nearly as chic as you seem to be, this place is an amazing remodel, specifically referring to the floors. I must also say that I am overly obsessed with anything in the blue-green family. I buy the most random things that are inevitably turquoise? ...So I clearly love the idea of aqua floors. :)

  4. White walls and an aqua floor?? I'd totally paint that hutch cheery red.. love!!